APRS [MN69NT], 0 Stunde(n), DL3EL [00:41:43, 0s].
UN7UPA 49.49.11N 073.06.25EMN69NT 1.626km 294°WNW22:30:11ZHello! This is UN7UPA repeater in Karaganda city. All questions to UN7BBJ and UN7Z0. Thanks, 73! 145.6500/145.0500 CC1
UN3P 49.50.04N 073.10.92EMN69OU 4.746km 60°ENE22:30:03ZMMDVM DMO 144.9625/144.9625 CC1
UN7PFT 49.47.51N 073.02.62EMN69MT 6.272km 249°WSW22:30:06ZMMDVM MMDVM HS Hat 144.9750/144.9750 CC1
UN7PDP 49.31.12N 072.49.99EMN69JM 38.835km 213°SSW22:29:48ZMMDVM DMO 144.9750/144.9750 CC1

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