APRS [KP30CR], 0 Stunde(n), DL3EL [13:51:26, 0s].
OH5KZ 60.45.00N 026.46.26EKP30JS 30.665km 85°E11:46:35ZopenSPOT 434.4750/434.4750 CC12
OH5GWF 60.56.32N 026.35.08EKP30HW 30.960km 41°NE11:45:08ZiGate Kuusankoski
Wind 176°/003kn, Böen bis 007kn, Temp 8.33c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 2.5mm, seit 0h 2.5mm, Baro 1013.0h, Hum: 94%(2OH5GWF-1)
OH5RBG 60.56.34N 026.35.48EKP30HW 31.235km 41°NE11:41:16Z13.6V 23Csite_infra_data_a(3OH5RBG-15)
432.500MHz OH5AG iGate Vuohivuori(2OH5RBG-1)
144.800MHz OH5AG iGate Vuohivuori(2OH5RBG)
OH5RUG 60.56.34N 026.35.66EKP30HW 31.329km 42°NE11:46:43ZM27QPR9JA7AN 434.5875/432.5875 CC1
OH5RUA 60.37.89N 026.47.91EKP30JP 33.918km 108°ESE11:46:41ZM27QNR9JA7AN 434.5625/432.5625 CC1
OH2LOI 60.30.82N 025.42.60EKP20UM 36.214km 229°SW11:48:15ZOH2LOI APRS IGate 144.800MHz(3OH2LOI-10)
OH4KA 60.36.09N 025.35.71EKP20TO 36.281km 247°WSW11:49:17ZRaspberry pi(3OH4KA-7)
OH3DMRA 60.59.45N 025.40.43EKP20UX 41.041km 315°NW11:46:43ZM27QPR9JA7AN 434.5500/432.5500 CC1
OH3LCS 60.58.73N 025.32.52EKP20SX 45.529km 308°NW11:46:32ZopenSPOT2 434.4250/434.4250 CC1
OH5RDD 60.32.22N 026.56.99EKP30LM 45.720km 118°ESE11:46:31Z432.500MHz Battery guarded and solar powered RX-iGate - KP30LM(3OH5RDD-1)
144.800MHz Battery guarded and solar powered iGate - KP30LM(2OH5RDD)
OH2DMRA 60.24.22N 025.40.70EKP20UJ 46.334km 219°SW11:46:31ZLocal FM repeater is available for testing when no DMR activity is present. (CTCSS 118.8 Hz) 434.5375/432.5375 CC1
OH2ABB 60.24.22N 025.40.70EKP20UJ 46.348km 219°SW11:49:59Z434.537MHz Porvoo DMR Repeater CC1(3OH2ABB-1)
OH2BPU 60.38.77N 025.18.81EKP20PP 49.566km 260°W11:46:07Z440 MMDVM Voice 434.46250MHz +0.0000MHz(3OH2BPU-D)
MMDVM MMDVM HS Hat 434.4625/434.4625 CC12(2OH2BPU)

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