APRS [KP10TT], 0 Stunde(n), DL3EL [06:52:53, 0s].
OH3KV 60.55.89N 023.35.98EKP10TW 13.318km 354°N04:27:11Z
OH2FWT 60.27.84N 023.38.96EKP10TL 38.750km 178°S04:40:47ZKiikala Airport iGate | DireWolf on RPi+RTL-SDR(3OH2FWT-14)
OH2DMRP 60.27.92N 023.53.80EKP10WL 41.323km 159°SSE04:46:23ZR10QCGANQ1AN 434.5375/432.5375 CC1
OH1GUN 60.32.51N 023.02.44EKP10MN 43.785km 227°SW04:44:32ZR10QCGANQ1AN 434.5375/432.5375 CC1
OH2LAK 60.27.56N 023.59.46EKP10XL 44.043km 153°SSE04:49:29ZWeather data from WeeWx and Vaisala WXT510(3OH2LAK-1)
OH2RCH 60.29.96N 024.09.19EKP20BL 45.161km 140°SE04:43:23ZR,Wn,Tn Alhovuori KP20BL(3OH2RCH-3)
OH3RDA 60.59.28N 024.24.73EKP20EX 46.836km 65°ENE04:42:18ZR,Wn,Tn Hml(3OH3RDA-3)
OH3GEF 61.14.05N 023.36.25EKP11TF 46.893km 359°N04:47:54ZR,Wn,Tn Hml
OH2MUI 60.24.41N 023.52.74EKP10WJ 47.164km 163°SSE04:47:14ZRx iGate and WX station
OH3RAA 60.57.03N 024.29.00EKP20FW 48.911km 71°ENE04:46:20ZR10QCGANQ1AN 434.5875/432.5875 CC1
OH3AA 60.57.03N 024.29.02EKP20FW 48.928km 71°ENE04:40:07Z432.500MHz RX-only APRS IGate running Direwolf on Raspberry Pi(3OH3AA-3)
144.800MHz RX-only APRS IGate running Direwolf on Raspberry Pi(2OH3AA-2)

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