APRS [KP10NJ], 0 Stunde(n), DL3EL [05:21:37, 0s].
OH6HPS 60.24.08N 023.07.07EKP10NJ 0.741km 329°NNW03:12:51ZopenSPOT3 434.4250/434.4250 CC1(3OH6HPS-1)
Wind 164°/000kn, Böen bis 000kn, Temp 9.44c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 0.0mm, seit 0h 0.0mm, Baro 1019.2h, Hum: 96%(2OH6HPS)
OH1ZJ 60.26.65N 023.02.68EKP10MK 6.954km 321°NW03:20:50ZOH1ZJ iGate | DireWolf 1.7 on RPi+RTL-SDR(3OH1ZJ-1)
OH1AD 60.23.13N 023.17.75EKP10PJ 9.460km 97°E03:03:36ZSalo club QTH
OH1GRV 60.18.79N 023.17.80EKP10PH 13.166km 134°SE02:43:54Z73! OH1GRV with AnyTone 878UV(3OH1GRV-9)
OH1GUN 60.32.51N 023.02.44EKP10MN 16.878km 344°NNW03:04:32Z73! OH1GRV with AnyTone 878UV
OH1LQP 60.24.48N 022.36.77EKP10HJ 28.148km 273°W03:05:29ZLasse
OH2FWT 60.27.84N 023.38.96EKP10TL 29.763km 75°ENE03:21:03ZKiikala Airport iGate | DireWolf on RPi+RTL-SDR(3OH2FWT-14)
OH1KAO 60.27.21N 022.31.57EKP10GK 33.484km 281°W03:04:41ZKiikala Airport iGate | DireWolf on RPi+RTL-SDR
OH1NR 60.25.93N 022.22.90EKP10EK 41.004km 276°W03:05:43ZREXI
OH2MUI 60.24.41N 023.52.74EKP10WJ 41.423km 88°E03:04:31ZRx iGate and WX station
OH1CO 60.26.85N 022.22.29EKP10EK 41.742km 278°W03:21:30ZRx iGate and WX station
OH1FAQ 60.26.06N 022.21.68EKP10EK 42.128km 276°W03:04:21ZRx iGate and WX station
OH1RAU 60.26.83N 022.19.92EKP10DK 43.883km 278°W03:05:45Zoutputs 145.775, CTCSS 103.5, contact OH1CO
OH1NYKI 60.27.79N 022.19.79EKP10DL 44.259km 280°W02:56:01ZNyki
OH1FBA 60.05.60N 022.33.61EKP10GC 45.849km 223°SW03:04:26ZNyki(3OH1FBA-1)
OH1MN 60.37.36N 022.25.43EKP10FO 45.914km 304°NW03:02:26ZMarkus Home QTH.. pse visit if driveby!
OH2ESP 60.03.71N 023.37.50EKP10TB 46.250km 143°SE03:11:29ZopenSPOT3 434.4750/434.4750 CC13
OH1JF 60.25.44N 022.15.67EKP10DK 47.527km 274°W03:04:58ZTurku
OH1LEG 60.06.68N 022.28.59EKP10FC 47.748km 229°SW03:05:28ZTurku
OH2BUF 60.20.93N 023.59.57EKP10XI 47.989km 96°E03:11:30ZopenSPOT 434.4750/434.4750 CC12(3OH2BUF-1)
OH2LAK 60.27.56N 023.59.46EKP10XL 48.038km 81°E03:17:45ZWeather data from WeeWx and Vaisala WXT510(3OH2LAK-1)
OH1AA 60.24.24N 022.13.53EKP10CJ 49.404km 271°W03:03:31ZTurku club QTH, Thursdays 18:00, see www.oh1aa.net
OH1GJQ 60.12.90N 023.56.90EKP10XF 49.600km 114°ESE03:04:37ZSummer cottage

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