APRS [JP83RD], 0 Stunde(n), DL3EL [04:59:50, 0s].
SM3GHE 63.09.33N 017.25.16EJP83RD 2.227km 299°WNW03:41:18ZMMDVM DVMega 433.4875/433.4875 CC1
13.0V 38CNils stand by. OT2(2SM3GHE-12)
SA3ATF 63.10.03N 017.15.69EJP83PE 10.161km 284°WNW03:55:42ZTommy i-Gate Grubba/Solleftea 11.6V(3SA3ATF-1)
MMDVM MMDVM HS Dual Hat 434.5875/432.5875 CC1(2SA3ATF-4)
Windows:BlueDV 124.0500/124.0500 CC1(2SA3ATF)
SharkRF openSPOT2(2SA3ATF-14)
SM3MFW 63.04.37N 017.36.50EJP83TB 11.084km 137°SE03:55:33Z]Home(3SM3MFW-2)
SL3ZYE 63.08.30N 017.14.00EJP83OD 11.330km 266°W03:58:32ZFRO Solleftea(3SL3ZYE-2)
SI9AM 62.57.24N 016.40.36EJP82IW 44.956km 242°WSW03:55:46ZWelcome to the new VisitorĀ“s Amateur Radio Station in Sweden, SI9AM. 433.4875/433.4875 CC1(3SI9AM-1)
SA3JEB 63.02.84N 018.19.63EJP93DB 45.059km 104°ESE03:55:50ZMMDVM Unknown 145.2250/145.2250 CC1(3SA3JEB-2)

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