APRS [JO22QD], 0 Stunde(n), DL3EL [17:55:20, 0s].
PA0VDB 52.09.43N 005.22.33EJO22QD 1.278km 351°N15:32:16ZMMDVM Nano hotSPOT 438.1750/430.5750 CC7
PD1JRN 52.08.23N 005.25.60EJO22RD 3.649km 105°ESE15:31:55ZMMDVM MMDVM HS Dual Hat 438.7875/431.1875 CC1
PD3LMO 52.07.82N 005.25.70EJO22RD 4.017km 115°ESE15:54:27ZAlmar
PD0WVD 52.10.75N 005.24.18EJO22QE 4.194km 27°NNE15:49:51ZMMDVM MMDVM HS Dual Hat 438.0625/430.4625 CC1
440 Voice 438.06250MHz -7.6000MHz(2PD0WVD-B)
PE1OWG 52.11.01N 005.23.90EJO22QE 4.483km 21°NNE15:47:06Z145.325MHz pe1owg.ampr.org(3PE1OWG-14)
PE1DON 52.07.59N 005.26.39EJO22RD 4.917km 116°ESE15:40:08Z440 Voice 437.70000MHz -7.6000MHz(3PE1DON-B)
PD0RAF 52.11.85N 005.22.87EJO22QE 5.782km N15:31:49ZMMDVM MMDVM HS Dual Hat 438.2375/430.6375 CC1
PD2ARI 52.11.97N 005.24.44EJO22QE 6.364km 20°NNE15:53:39Z440 MMDVM Voice 439.10000MHz +0.0000MHz, PD2ARI_Pi-Star_ND(3PD2ARI-N)
PI8MNL 52.10.33N 005.16.79EJO22PE 7.123km 294°WNW15:26:47ZPI8MNL-10 Winlink RMS Relay-Hold, Midden Nederland, Loc: Soest,PL:255,MF:4,MS:3(3PI8MNL-10)
Digipeater PI8MNL-12, Midden Nederland, Loc: Soest, colocated with Winlink RMS Relay-Hold(2PI8MNL-12)
PD2WGN 52.11.70N 005.27.84EJO22RE 8.170km 48°NE15:32:06ZMMDVM MMDVM HS Dual Hat 430.5500/438.1500 CC1(3PD2WGN-1)
PA3FMK 52.05.91N 005.14.11EJO22OC 10.879km 241°WSW15:46:41Z440 MMDVM Voice 439.60000MHz +0.0000MHz, PA3FMK_Pi-Star_ND(3PA3FMK-N)
PA3BWK 52.10.47N 005.11.37EJO22OE 13.037km 284°WNW15:54:41ZWind 000°/000kn, Böen bis 000kn, Temp 18.33c, Regen 0.3mm, letzte 24h 4.3mm, seit 0h 4.3mm, Baro 1010.7h, Hum: 91%
PI1CJP 52.17.02N 005.15.85EJO22PG 17.103km 334°NNW15:55:03Z(BLARICUM) WINDV Voice 430.850 Mhz + 0.0000 Mhz 20 Watts(3PI1CJP-B)
PA8E 52.13.19N 005.09.17EJO22NF 17.236km 299°WNW15:45:03Z]pa8e.nl =(3PA8E-9)
Digi Hilversum JO22nf(2PA8E-10)
PI8CJP 52.17.16N 005.15.86EJO22PG 17.318km 334°NNW15:26:17ZDigipeater PI8CJP-12, met VARA test, Loc: R14 Gooi (Blaricum),R25 Flevoland, colocated with Winlink RMS Relay-Hold(3PI8CJP-12)
PI8CJP-10 Winlink RMS Relay-Hold, met VARA test, Loc: R14 Gooi (Blaricum),R25 Flevoland,PL:255,MF:4,MS:3(2PI8CJP-10)
PE4KH 52.06.64N 005.07.14EJO22NC 17.888km 258°WSW15:53:05ZArduino RAZ IGATE(3PE4KH-10)
PI1NOS 52.14.55N 005.09.86EJO22NF 17.947km 307°NW15:28:15ZAPRS DireWolf iGate @ 2m WebSDR Hilversum http://websdr.pi1nos.ampr.org(3PI1NOS-10)
PF1A 52.01.22N 005.33.49EJO22SA 18.726km 138°SE15:44:53ZLoRa aprs iGATE 433.775 MHz(3PF1A-1)
PI1OVN 52.07.59N 005.05.89EJO22ND 19.010km 264°W15:31:52ZPI1OVN - 438.2625 Mhz - TS1: 204 - TS2: 2042 & 20423 UTREG NRD - CC3 Radio Hytera PD785G 438.2625/430.6625 CC3
PD3PVO 52.07.59N 005.05.86EJO22ND 19.035km 264°W15:46:46ZOpenspot3 432.22000 cc2 (C4FM FT70D)(3PD3PVO-1)
Openspot3 435.5500 cc5 (D-star ID51)(2PD3PVO-2)
PA1GM 52.06.06N 005.06.17EJO22NC 19.218km 255°WSW15:51:53Zhttp://ysfdomstad.nl/ ysf 35926 to wires-X WIRES-X 66725 NL-DOMSTAD-ROOM(3PA1GM-2)
PA9MD 51.58.50N 005.19.54EJO21PX 19.268km 190°S15:38:42Z440 Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz(3PA9MD-B)
PD2ML 52.16.57N 005.10.78EJO22OG 19.676km 318°NW15:31:08Z440 MMDVM Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz, PD2ML_Pi-Star_ND(3PD2ML-N)
MMDVM MMDVM HS Dual Hat 438.2500/430.6500 CC1(2PD2ML)
PA3AYB 52.15.66N 005.36.13EJO22TG 20.090km 50°NE15:30:36ZMMDVM MMDVM HS Dual Hat 434.9750/430.1000 CC1(3PA3AYB-3)
PI1PTN 52.15.64N 005.36.60EJO22TG 20.501km 51°NE15:45:39ZTETRA DMO repeater 438.450/438.450 (GSSI 1000 - MCC 204 - MNC - 7373)
PE1PKB 52.15.60N 005.36.69EJO22TG 20.536km 52°NE15:45:34ZIGate
PA1JRN 52.05.28N 005.03.64EJO22MC 22.395km 253°WSW15:47:02ZPA1JRN aprs iGate using QSO365 Raspberry Pi and SDR(3PA1JRN-10)
PD0NUW 52.03.15N 005.05.03EJO22NB 22.418km 243°WSW15:40:54Z440 Voice 430.80000MHz +0.0000MHz(3PD0NUW-B)
PA3GNZ 52.03.16N 005.05.02EJO22NB 22.430km 243°WSW15:53:27ZOpenWebRX APRS gateway(3PA3GNZ-10)
RNG0001 440 Voice 432.95000MHz +0.0000MHz(2PA3GNZ-B)
PD1JH 52.08.53N 005.01.11EJO22MD 24.326km 269°W15:54:28Z`144.725MHz_1(3PD1JH-9)
PD3RFR 52.07.73N 005.01.12EJO22MD 24.376km 266°W15:39:07Z145.325MHz RundFunk Richard *2043062* www.PD3RFR.nl * QRV @ DMR, D-Star & C4FM/YSF .. of PI2NOS /PI3UTR
APRS RX-iGate Maarssen JO22md | Only QRV if antenna is not in use for QSO!(2PD3RFR-10)
440 MMDVM Voice 434.00000MHz +0.0000MHz, PD3RFR_Pi-Star_ND(2PD3RFR-N)
2m Voice 144.92500MHz +0.0000MHz(2PD3RFR-C)
PE5W 52.04.69N 005.01.11EJO22MB 25.475km 253°WSW15:54:24Z440 Voice 439.50000MHz +0.0000MHz(3PE5W-B)
PA3FFS 52.21.94N 005.15.06EJO22PI 25.856km 341°NNW15:32:13ZMMDVM Nano hotSPOT 438.3250/430.7250 CC1(3PA3FFS-1)
PD2RVZ 52.04.98N 005.00.41EJO22MB 26.071km 255°WSW15:49:03ZPD2RVZ-10 iGate | DireWolf 1.4 on RPi+RTL-SDR using QSO365 image(3PD2RVZ-10)
PD2PW 52.00.13N 005.04.35EJO22MA 26.100km 232°SW15:02:49Z`www.pd2pw.nl_%(3PD2PW-9)
PA2RG 52.05.54N 004.59.79EJO22LC 26.502km 257°WSW15:52:09ZArduino RAZ IGATE(3PA2RG-10)
PI1UTR 52.00.59N 005.03.20EJO22MA 26.656km 236°SW15:44:53ZAPRS DireWolf iGate @ 430.512MHz WebSDR Gerbrandy Tower IJsselstein http://websdr.pi1utr.ampr.org(3PI1UTR-10)
RD985 438.3500/430.7500 CC1(2PI1UTR)
440 Voice 438.07500MHz -7.6000MHz(2PI1UTR-B)
PD0JDF 52.21.59N 005.11.10EJO22OI 27.077km 332°NNW15:38:55Z440 MMDVM Voice 439.30000MHz +0.0000MHz, PD0JDF_Pi-Star_ND(3PD0JDF-N)
2m Voice 144.81250MHz +0.0000MHz(2PD0JDF-B)
PD0HOD 52.22.12N 005.12.46EJO22OI 27.265km 335°NNW15:45:26ZRNG0001 440 Voice 434.92500MHz +0.0000MHz(3PD0HOD-B)
PD0POH 52.23.09N 005.16.97EJO22PJ 27.323km 347°NNW15:44:16Zhttps://aprsdroid.org/(3PD0POH-9)
PI1FLD 52.22.53N 005.13.32EJO22OJ 27.574km 338°NNW15:32:58ZPI1FLD - 438.025 Mhz - - Brandmeister - TS1: 204 - TS2: Dynamisch - CC2 438.0250/430.4250 CC2
PD0WAG 51.57.66N 005.38.84EJO21TX 27.720km 138°SE15:50:51Z]430.050MHz C077 +160 QRV =
DW9280 52.24.17N 005.19.29EJO22PJ 28.806km 353°N15:53:08ZWind 132°/001kn, Böen bis 004kn, Temp 18.89c, Regen 1.3mm, letzte 24h 2.3mm, seit 0h 2.3mm, Baro 1009.1h, Hum: 90%
HDW2 52.20.69N 005.38.87EJO22TI 28.911km 40°NE15:43:41ZRadiosonde Tracker - Based on kxyTrack 1.5.2 - EvW(3HDW2-15)
PD0PDB 52.23.88N 005.15.70EJO22PJ 29.080km 345°NNW15:51:20Z440 Voice 434.00000MHz +0.0000MHz(3PD0PDB-B)
PG2P 52.24.35N 005.19.07EJO22PJ 29.189km 352°N15:42:11Z440 MMDVM Voice 439.20000MHz +0.0000MHz, PG2P_Pi-Star(3PG2P-N)
PD1RVB 52.24.21N 005.15.99EJO22PJ 29.583km 346°NNW15:55:01ZRenĂ© pd1rvb@gmail.com
HB9FSJ 52.23.90N 005.39.74EJO22TJ 34.217km 35°NE15:48:27Zgenerated with my phone
PE5TT 51.52.85N 005.37.90EJO21TV 34.296km 149°SSE15:49:13ZPE5TT-10 iGate | DireWolf 1.6 on RPi+RTL-SDR(3PE5TT-10)
PE1PEX 52.12.32N 004.51.26EJO22KE 36.099km 281°W15:46:59Z440 Voice 435.31250MHz +0.0000MHz(3PE1PEX-B)
PE0F 51.51.87N 005.39.13EJO21TU 36.562km 149°SSE15:32:06Z440 Voice 434.00000MHz +0.0000MHz(3PE0F-B)
440 MMDVM Voice 434.00000MHz +0.0000MHz, PE0F_Pi-Star(2PE0F-N)
MMDVM MMDVM HS Dual Hat 430.1000/439.4000 CC1(2PE0F)
PD9C 52.18.07N 004.52.14EJO22KH 38.546km 297°WNW15:45:42ZPD9C - Device Connected
PD2V 52.13.49N 005.57.01EJO22XF 40.189km 77°ENE15:53:39ZSharkRF openSPOT2
PI8CNL 52.30.11N 005.28.72EJO22RM 40.215km 10°N15:30:56ZDigipeater PI8CNL-12, R 25 Flevoland / Midden Nederland, Loc: Lelystad, colocated with Winlink RMS Relay-Normal(3PI8CNL-12)
PI8CNL-10 Winlink RMS Relay-Normal, R 25 Flevoland / Midden Nederland, Loc: Lelystad,PL:255,MF:4,MS:3(2PI8CNL-10)
PI9DT 51.58.92N 005.54.10EJO21WX 40.340km 117°ESE15:28:08ZDigipeater PI9DT-12, Dares R07 Gld-Mid, Loc: Arnhem, colocated with Winlink RMS Relay-Hold(3PI9DT-12)
PI9DT-10 Winlink RMS Relay-Hold, Dares R07 Gld-Mid, Loc: Arnhem,PL:255,MF:4,MS:3(2PI9DT-10)
PI8ANH 52.00.04N 005.55.01EJO22XA 40.389km 113°ESE15:54:11ZWind 230°/009kn, Böen bis 000kn, Temp 22.22c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 0.0mm, seit 0h 0.0mm, Baro 1010.0h, Hum: 73%(3PI8ANH-13)
Digipeater PI8ANH-12, Dares R07 Gld-Mid, Loc: Arnhem, colocated with Winlink RMS Relay-Hold(2PI8ANH-12)
RX-only IGate PI8ANH 144.850(2PI8ANH)
PI8ANH TX-ed iGate 144.850(2PI8ANH-TX)
Stations heard on Web UHF last 2 hrs: PA2VE-12(9m),PH3J(11m),PI9DX-11(15m),PI9DX-10(15m),PI9DX-12[ORA](15m),PH3J-10(27m),PH3J-12[GRN](27m)(2PI8ANH-11)
PI8ANH-10 Winlink RMS Relay-Hold, Dares R07 Gld-Mid, Loc: Arnhem,PL:255,MF:4,MS:3(2PI8ANH-10)
PD4X 52.21.73N 004.53.22EJO22KI 41.010km 306°NW15:46:59ZSharkRF openSPOT2
PA3AHI 52.12.77N 005.58.32EJO22XF 41.387km 79°E15:55:01Z440 Voice 434.00000MHz +0.0000MHz(3PA3AHI-B)
PA4WE 51.47.99N 005.35.99EJO21TT 41.419km 158°SSE15:47:24Z440 MMDVM Voice 434.30000MHz +0.0000MHz, PA4WE_Pi-Star(3PA4WE-N)
PD0HCV 51.51.62N 005.46.19EJO21VU 41.684km 139°SE15:39:37ZYaesu DMO 439.475 MHz
PI2BDH 52.27.60N 005.42.59EJO22UL 41.700km 33°NNE15:53:50ZBiddinghuzen Digi/I-Gate Local Repeater 438.0375 CC1
PA3GMD 51.46.20N 005.26.40EJO21RS 42.017km 174°S15:21:47Z440 MMDVM Voice 438.60000MHz +0.0000MHz(3PA3GMD-D)
PD0ORE 52.31.23N 005.27.49EJO22RM 42.058km N15:52:44ZSharkRF openSPOT3
PE1MEW 52.12.65N 005.58.97EJO22XF 42.079km 80°E15:53:47Zhttp://pe1mew.nl mail:i-gate@pe1mew.nl(3PE1MEW-10)
GW4UEJ 51.53.99N 004.54.00EJO21KV 42.459km 230°SW15:44:28Z440 Voice 433.62500MHz +0.0000MHz(3GW4UEJ-B)
PI1APA 52.12.10N 005.59.54EJO22XE 42.558km 81°E15:29:50ZAPRS Digipeater Apeldoorn
PI6FLD 52.31.63N 005.25.61EJO22RM 42.565km N15:51:50ZUI-Digi dijk Enkhuizen <-> Lelystad(3PI6FLD-2)
PA5JN 51.50.21N 005.00.10EJO21MU 42.816km 217°SW15:52:47Z440 Voice 434.00000MHz +0.0000MHz(3PA5JN-B)
PB5DX 52.23.99N 004.54.00EJO22KJ 42.929km 311°NW15:54:12Z440 Voice 439.30000MHz +0.0000MHz(3PB5DX-B)
PA8F 52.04.97N 004.44.50EJO22IB 43.788km 261°W15:41:43ZYaesu DMO 439.475 MHz(3PA8F-7)
PE1MIU 51.45.63N 005.31.76EJO21SS 44.107km 166°SSE15:50:34ZRadiosonde Tracker - Based on kxyTrack 1.5.2-dxl_smod136h(3PE1MIU-15)
PA7WP 51.50.63N 004.57.28EJO21LU 44.208km 221°SW15:44:56ZPA7WP-10 iGate | DireWolf 1.4 on RPi+RTL-SDR using QSO365 image(3PA7WP-10)
PA2JOK 51.50.46N 004.57.09EJO21LU 44.596km 221°SW15:48:03ZWind 281°/002kn, Böen bis 010kn, Temp 21.11c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 0.0mm, seit 0h 0.0mm, Baro 1010.7h, Hum: 79%
EHAM 52.17.99N 004.46.00EJO22JH 44.838km 293°WNW15:51:56ZWind 260°/008kn, Böen bis 000kn, Temp 20.56c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 0.0mm, seit 0h 0.0mm, Baro 1009.0h, Hum: 77%
ZL1KJ 52.18.49N 004.46.07EJO22JH 45.114km 294°WNW15:35:47Z440 Voice 439.60000MHz +0.0000MHz(3ZL1KJ-B)
440 MMDVM Voice 439.60000MHz +0.0000MHz, ZL1KJ_Pi-Star(2ZL1KJ-N)
PI4VAD 51.53.43N 004.51.63EJO21KV 45.219km 231°SW15:48:19ZRX-Only iGate(3PI4VAD-2)
PD7WL 51.48.75N 004.59.54EJO21LT 45.363km 215°SW15:31:22Z440 MMDVM Voice 439.67500MHz -6.0000MHz, PD7WL_Pi-Star_RPT(3PD7WL-R)
PD7WL MMDVM DUPLEX N5BOC 439.6750/433.6750 CC1(2PD7WL)
PA1KE 51.43.97N 005.18.17EJO21PR 46.159km 186°S15:41:35Z440 MMDVM Voice 439.30000MHz +0.0000MHz, PA1KE_Pi-Star_ND(3PA1KE-N)
PA0PRI 52.21.18N 004.47.11EJO22JI 46.286km 300°WNW15:32:26ZMMDVM Nano hotSPOT 430.4000/439.7000 CC1(3PA0PRI-5)
MMDVM Nano hotSPOT 430.1000/439.4000 CC1(2PA0PRI-4)
PI1AMS 52.21.62N 004.47.38EJO22JI 46.422km 301°WNW15:45:12Z440 Voice 438.40000MHz -7.6000MHz(3PI1AMS-B)
PD3ROB 52.08.76N 004.41.13EJO22ID 47.029km 270°W15:40:52Z440 MMDVM Voice 439.45000MHz +0.0000MHz, PD3ROB_Pi-Star_ND(3PD3ROB-N)
PH3J 52.18.62N 004.44.26EJO22IH 47.106km 293°WNW15:29:01ZVoice(3PH3J-B)
Wind 260°/008kn, Böen bis 000kn, Temp 21.11c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 0.0mm, seit 0h 0.0mm, Baro 1009.0h, Hum: 78%(2PH3J-AM)
PE1ER 52.29.45N 004.58.18EJO22LL 47.226km 324°NW15:32:14Z145.250MHz Ed on the move(3PE1ER-9)
PD0HLA 52.08.91N 004.40.80EJO22ID 47.404km 271°W15:54:12Z440 Voice 438.50000MHz +0.0000MHz(3PD0HLA-B)
PE1G 51.44.90N 005.37.78EJO21TR 47.498km 158°SSE15:31:50ZMMDVM MMDVM HS Dual Hat 439.0000/434.0000 CC1
PA4TW 52.31.44N 005.42.99EJO22UM 48.039km 29°NNE15:54:49Zhttp://aprs.pa4tw.nl:14501/(3PA4TW-10)
Wind 200°/013kn, Böen bis 000kn, Temp 20.56c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 0.0mm, seit 0h 0.0mm, Baro 1009.0h, Hum: 79%(2PA4TW-13)
Remco, DMR:2041014, Soms QRV op PI2NOS of PI3UTR(2PA4TW)
PI2NMG 51.49.82N 005.51.82EJO21WT 48.458km 136°SE15:32:54ZDMR Repeater PI2NMG onair in Nijmegen 22-11-2020 438.3125/430.7125 CC2
PD4HMB 51.42.60N 005.18.59EJO21PR 48.656km 185°S15:47:51Z440 MMDVM Voice 431.90000MHz +0.0000MHz, PD4HMB_Pi-Star_ND(3PD4HMB-N)
PA3GYV 52.07.30N 004.39.56EJO22HC 48.901km 267°W15:52:46ZLoRa iGATE & Digi, Info: github.com/lora-aprs/LoRa_APRS_iGate(3PA3GYV-10)
PI1SHB 51.42.01N 005.20.77EJO21QQ 49.565km 182°S15:52:52ZCross-Band Digi/IGate 's-Hertogenbosch(3PI1SHB-2)
Cross-Band Digi/IGate 's-Hertogenbosch50(2PI1SHB)
PD0LKN 52.33.74N 005.38.31EJO22TN 49.650km 21°NNE15:30:49ZMMDVM Nano hotSPOT 430.1000/439.4000 CC1(3PD0LKN-2)
PA1CS 52.05.42N 004.39.12EJO22HC 49.741km 263°W15:51:14Z73 KEES QRV VHF 10/77 Uiterton(3PA1CS-8)

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