51.48.44N 004.37.90E
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APRS JO21HT, 0 Stunde(n), PE1OOP-B [02:50:56, 0s].
PE1OOP 51.48.44N 004.37.90EJO21HT 0.538km 50°NE01:30:04Z440 Voice 439.17500MHz +0.0000MHz(3PE1OOP-B)
PI1DOR 51.48.07N 004.40.96EJO21IT 3.945km 95°E01:33:36ZMMDVM 438.0875/430.4875 CC2
PA2TA 51.49.69N 004.41.06EJO21IT 4.830km 57°ENE01:44:47ZRX-Only iGate(3PA2TA-2)
PA1L 51.48.71N 004.42.23EJO21IT 5.451km 81°E01:31:51ZMMDVM MMDVM HS Dual Hat 430.5500/438.1500 CC5(3PA1L-2)
PI8DEC 51.48.77N 004.42.34EJO21IT 5.588km 80°E01:38:39ZDigipeater PI8DEC-12, Regio 18, Loc: Dordrecht, colocated with Winlink RMS Relay-Hold, @144.825MHz(3PI8DEC-12)
Stations heard on Ether B last 2 hrs Cross VIA: PI1GZR-10[GRN](8m),PA3GJM-10[GRN](23m)(2PI8DEC-11)
PI8DEC-10 Winlink RMS Relay-Hold, Regio 18, Loc: Dordrecht,PL:255,MF:5,MS:3, @144.825MHz(2PI8DEC-10)
PA3JT 51.51.56N 004.30.14EJO21GU 10.447km 306°NW01:48:38ZTE RND IGate By AVRT7(3PA3JT-10)
PD1AEU 51.40.22N 004.40.65EJO21IQ 15.308km 166°SSE01:32:54ZMMDVM MMDVM HS Dual Hat 439.0000/432.5125 CC1(3PD1AEU-4)
TELEP2 51.55.03N 004.29.11EJO21FW 15.812km 323°NW01:34:12ZRadiosonde Tracker - Based on kxyTrack 1.5.3-dxl_smod136h(3TELEP2-15)
PA3KUS 51.55.36N 004.27.82EJO21FW 17.222km 320°NW01:48:08ZRadiosonde Tracker - Based on kxyTrack 1.5.1-dxl_smod136g(3PA3KUS-11)
Radiosonde Tracker - Based on kxyTrack 1.5.1-dxl_smod136g(2PA3KUS-13)
PI4VAD 51.53.43N 004.51.63EJO21KV 18.755km 59°ENE01:38:43ZRX-Only iGate(3PI4VAD-2)
GW4UEJ 51.53.99N 004.54.00EJO21KV 21.631km 60°ENE01:34:56Z440 Voice 433.62500MHz +0.0000MHz(3GW4UEJ-B)
PD0JOY 51.54.25N 004.20.21EJO21EV 22.725km 299°WNW01:49:44Z144.725MHz home(3PD0JOY-4)
PA2JOK 51.50.46N 004.57.09EJO21LU 22.757km 80°E01:48:16ZWind 067°/000kn, Böen bis 004kn, Temp 2.22c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 2.0mm, seit 0h 2.0mm, Baro 1034.2h, Hum: 95%
PA7WP 51.50.63N 004.57.28EJO21LU 23.040km 79°E01:42:49ZPA7WP-10 iGate | DireWolf 1.4 on RPi+RTL-SDR using QSO365 image(3PA7WP-10)
PA0GPE 51.55.71N 004.20.64EJO21EW 23.756km 306°NW01:32:05Z2m Voice 144.97500MHz +0.0000MHz(3PA0GPE-C)
MMDVM MMDVM HS Dual Hat 430.1000/439.4000 CC1(2PA0GPE-8)
PA3FFU 51.56.06N 004.20.94EJO21EW 23.873km 307°NW01:40:54ZSharkRF openSPOT3
PA3ESZ 51.54.33N 004.18.90EJO21DV 24.113km 298°WNW01:48:32ZopenSPOT2/BlueDV
PA2J 51.36.86N 004.49.18EJO21JO 25.001km 148°SSE01:35:59ZPA2J_auto_rx v1.5.8(3PA2J-2)
PD7WL 51.48.75N 004.59.54EJO21LT 25.233km 88°E01:32:03ZPD7WL MMDVM DUPLEX N5BOC 439.6750/433.6750 CC1
PI1ETL 51.34.52N 004.38.69EJO21HN 25.483km 177°S01:50:31ZPI1ETL HAB tracker upload by Auto RX v1.5.8(3PI1ETL-14)
Wind 270°/000kn, Böen bis 002kn, Temp 1.67c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 2.0mm, seit 0h 2.0mm, Baro 1035.0h, Hum: 83%(2PI1ETL-13)
145.825Mhz ARISS - ISS Igate service Etten-Leur, JO21HN(2PI1ETL-11)
145.825Mhz ARISS - ISS Igate service Etten-Leur, JO21HN(2PI1ETL-10)
VHF Digi & Gateway Etten-Leur / JO21HN U=13.6V,T=16.7C(2PI1ETL)
PA7FRN 51.36.59N 004.49.69EJO21JO 25.731km 147°SSE01:44:21ZRx-only iGate(3PA7FRN-10)
PA5JN 51.50.21N 005.00.10EJO21MU 26.090km 82°E01:35:08Z440 Voice 434.00000MHz +0.0000MHz(3PA5JN-B)
PI2BRD 51.35.40N 004.49.50EJO21JO 27.511km 150°SSE01:32:06ZWelkom op het PI2BRD Brandmeister dashboard. Deze repeater is operationeel sinds 19 mei 2017. 430.3250/431.9250 CC1
PD4TH 51.59.72N 004.20.16EJO21EX 29.091km 317°NW01:47:32ZPD4TH-10/RX- ONLY(3PD4TH-10)
PD0HNI 52.03.34N 004.28.10EJO22FB 29.941km 339°NNW01:22:13ZMobile stations only(3PD0HNI-10)
PD3LPA 51.56.06N 004.13.98EJO21CW 30.581km 298°WNW01:41:50ZSharkRF openSPOT2
PD5JOS 51.55.97N 004.13.61EJO21CW 30.887km 298°WNW01:32:28ZMMDVM Nano hotSPOT 430.1000/439.4000 CC1(3PD5JOS-4)
MERGPS 52.04.43N 004.30.23EJO22GB 31.115km 344°NNW01:50:30ZRdK LoRa Tracker
PA2RDK 52.04.43N 004.30.23EJO22GB 31.112km 345°NNW01:49:59ZPA2RDK - LoRaAPRS Gateway(3PA2RDK-10)
PE1RRR 51.36.23N 004.57.48EJO21LO 31.948km 134°SE01:30:51Z14.1022 USB
AXIP Wormhole Nexus / Datacenter Colo(2PE1RRR-5)
MMDVM Nano hotSPOT 439.8000/430.4000 CC1(2PE1RRR-1)
PA8F 52.04.97N 004.44.50EJO22IB 31.981km 14°NNE01:33:01ZYaesu DMO 439.475 MHz(3PA8F-7)
PI1BDG 52.04.97N 004.44.50EJO22IB 31.981km 14°NNE01:41:23ZNode @ PI1BDG, BBS @ PI8BDG
PH2M 52.05.77N 004.35.52EJO22HC 32.520km 356°N01:46:37ZWind 312°/006kn, Böen bis 010kn, Temp 3.33c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 1.0mm, seit 0h 1.0mm, Baro 1033.1h, Hum: 87%(3PH2M-13)
PD0ILD 51.53.34N 004.09.87EJO21BV 33.030km 287°WNW01:43:05ZYaesu DMO 439.475 MHz(3PD0ILD-1)
PI8GZR 51.52.92N 005.06.80EJO21NV 34.599km 75°ENE01:30:59ZDigipeater PI8GZR-12, R08, Loc: Asperen, colocated with Winlink RMS Relay-Hold, @144.825MHz(3PI8GZR-12)
Stations heard on 430.9875 last 2 hrs Cross VIA: PI1GZR-10(0m),PI9DT-10(20m),PI8ANH-10(105m)(2PI8GZR-11)
PI8GZR-10 Winlink RMS Relay-Hold, R08, Loc: Asperen,PL:255,MF:5,MS:3, @144.825MHz(2PI8GZR-10)
PI1GZR 51.52.92N 005.06.82EJO21NV 34.615km 75°ENE01:32:35ZPI1GZR-10 Winlink RMS Relay-Hold, R08, Loc: Asperen,PL:255,MF:5,MS:3, @430.987MHz(3PI1GZR-10)
PA3GJM 51.52.78N 005.07.40EJO21NV 35.201km 76°ENE01:45:56ZDigipeater PA3GJM-12, R08 VARA test, Loc: Acquoy, colocated with Winlink RMS Hybrid Relay-Hold, @144.825MHz(3PA3GJM-12)
Stations heard on 430.9875 last 2 hrs Cross VIA: PA3GJM-10(0m),PI9DW-10(14m),PI1GZR-10[GRN](15m)(2PA3GJM-11)
PA3GJM-10 Winlink RMS Hybrid Relay-Hold, R08 VARA test, Loc: Acquoy,PL:255,MF:5,MS:3, @144.825MHz(2PA3GJM-10)
PE2PVD 52.01.65N 004.15.62EJO22DA 35.254km 315°NW01:30:57ZMMDVM MMDVM HS Dual Hat 439.4000/430.1000 CC1
PD1RL 52.03.82N 004.19.61EJO22DB 35.355km 325°NW01:31:35ZMMDVM MMDVM HS Dual Hat 439.1000/433.1000 CC1(3PD1RL-1)
PE2BZ 51.59.48N 004.11.93EJO21CX 35.909km 306°NW01:11:36ZPE2BZ OWRX GW
PI1DHG 52.04.84N 004.20.15EJO22EB 36.594km 327°NNW01:30:05ZM27QNR9JA7AN 438.2000/430.6000 CC1
PI1HGL 52.05.42N 004.21.25EJO22EC 36.828km 330°NNW01:32:09Z440 Voice 438.250 -7.6 MHz(3PI1HGL-B)
PI1UTR 52.00.62N 005.03.20EJO22MA 37.220km 52°NE01:29:11Z440 Voice 438.07500MHz -7.6000MHz(3PI1UTR-B)
RD985 438.3500/430.7500 CC1(2PI1UTR)
APRS DireWolf iGate @ 430.512MHz WebSDR Gerbrandy Tower IJsselstein
PA9K 51.59.67N 004.10.17EJO21CX 37.761km 304°NW01:37:10ZHigh Altitude Balloon trackingstation @DutchMillbt(3PA9K-2)
PD0HLA 52.08.91N 004.40.80EJO22ID 38.456km N01:41:10Z440 Voice 438.50000MHz +0.0000MHz(3PD0HLA-B)
PA1ZKH 52.04.02N 004.14.27EJO22CB 39.478km 318°NW01:42:41Z440 Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz(3PA1ZKH-B)
PD2AVE 52.09.07N 004.26.88EJO22FD 40.424km 343°NNW01:47:49ZRX Icom IC-2200H(3PD2AVE-10)
PD2RVZ 52.04.98N 005.00.41EJO22MB 40.540km 40°NE01:49:09ZPD2RVZ-10 iGate | DireWolf 1.4 on RPi+RTL-SDR using QSO365 image(3PD2RVZ-10)
PE5W 52.04.69N 005.01.11EJO22MB 40.636km 41°NE01:33:23Z440 Voice 439.50000MHz +0.0000MHz(3PE5W-B)
PA5JB 52.10.04N 004.32.04EJO22GE 40.852km 351°N01:38:50ZLeiderdorp(3PA5JB-2)
PD0R 52.08.67N 004.22.56EJO22ED 41.498km 336°NNW01:44:16ZWassenaar, Holland(3PD0R-10)
PA3GNZ 52.03.16N 005.05.03EJO22NB 41.815km 49°NE00:55:26ZRNG0001 440 Voice 432.95000MHz +0.0000MHz(3PA3GNZ-B)
OpenWebRX APRS gateway(2PA3GNZ-10)
PD0NUW 52.03.15N 005.05.03EJO22NB 41.811km 49°NE01:44:20Z440 Voice 430.80000MHz +0.0000MHz(3PD0NUW-B)
PD0ZA 51.28.40N 004.19.95EJO21DL 41.994km 209°SSW01:48:00Z2m Voice 144.10000MHz +0.0000MHz(3PD0ZA-C)
PE1LDN 52.10.19N 004.28.14EJO22FE 42.017km 345°NNW01:42:44ZRx-only iGate(3PE1LDN-3)
PD7EDI 52.10.90N 004.28.53EJO22FE 43.200km 346°NNW01:48:01Z440 MMDVM Voice 430.50000MHz +7.6000MHz, PD7EDI_Pi-Star(3PD7EDI-R)
PA3E 51.32.57N 005.05.72EJO21NN 43.523km 132°SE01:44:02Z440 Voice 439.85000MHz +0.0000MHz(3PA3E-B)
2m Voice 144.13500MHz +0.0000MHz(2PA3E-C)
PD5R 52.00.66N 005.10.89EJO22OA 44.518km 59°ENE01:47:50ZC4FM Hotspot with EA7EE software(3PD5R-10)
PD3RFR 52.07.73N 005.01.14EJO22MD 45.036km 37°NE01:48:27ZSharkRF openSPOT2
440 MMDVM Voice 434.00000MHz +0.0000MHz, PD3RFR_Pi-Star_ND(2PD3RFR-N)
OpenWebRX APRS gateway - PD3RFR(2PD3RFR)
APRS RX-iGate Maarssen JO22md | Only QRV if antenna is not in use for QSO!(2PD3RFR-10)
2m Voice 144.92500MHz +0.0000MHz(2PD3RFR-C)
145.325MHz RundFunk Richard *2043062* * QRV @ PI2NOS / PI3UTR(2PD3RFR-7)
PD3JAG 51.32.78N 004.06.09EJO21BN 46.133km 232°SW01:30:48Z440 Voice 434.00000MHz +0.0000MHz(3PD3JAG-B)
Yaesu DMO with EA7EE Sofware(2PD3JAG)
PA1GM 52.06.06N 005.06.17EJO22NC 46.458km 45°NE01:30:44Z ysf 35926 to wires-X WIRES-X 66725 NL-DOMSTAD-ROOM(3PA1GM-2)
PA1KE 51.46.62N 005.18.17EJO21PS 46.678km 93°E01:47:24Z440 Voice 439.30000MHz +0.0000MHz(3PA1KE-B)
PD3AR 52.13.37N 004.32.46EJO22GF 46.878km 353°N01:44:03Z`430.050MHz T088 +160 Adrie, QTH Sassenheim JO22GF_%
PH1M 52.13.33N 004.30.61EJO22GF 47.127km 350°N01:39:14Zradiosonde_auto_rx SondeGate v1.5.8(3PH1M-4)
PE1PEX 52.12.32N 004.51.26EJO22KE 47.246km 19°NNE01:47:39Z440 Voice 435.31250MHz +0.0000MHz(3PE1PEX-B)
PE2KDK 52.12.37N 004.51.55EJO22KE 47.440km 20°NNE01:41:44ZDigi Mijdrecht (DireWolf 1.4)
PE4KH 52.06.64N 005.07.14EJO22NC 47.998km 45°NE01:43:07ZArduino RAZ IGATE(3PE4KH-10)
PD3PVO 52.07.59N 005.05.86EJO22ND 48.254km 42°NE01:50:01ZopenSPOT3 432.2200 (DMR PD785G)(3PD3PVO-1)
openSPOT3 435.5500 (D-star ID51E)(2PD3PVO-2)
PA2JFX 52.14.40N 004.47.40EJO22JF 49.717km 13°NNE01:47:36Z440 Voice 434.00000MHz +0.0000MHz(3PA2JFX-B) 5.0.011w DL3EL © 2006-2021 [1446735]