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APRS JO21DG, 0 Stunde(n), ON4VH-B [19:57:42, 0s].
ON4VH 51.15.16N 004.16.72EJO21DG 0.354km 70°ENE17:38:37Z440 MMDVM Voice 434.87500MHz +0.0000MHz, ON4VH_Pi-Star_ND(3ON4VH-N)
ON6FM 51.11.76N 004.23.40EJO21EE 10.187km 127°SE17:37:26ZYuri Antwerpen, BE | https://t.me/EchoLinkRU(3ON6FM-1)
ON0SNW 51.11.59N 004.09.29EJO21BE 10.531km 232°SW17:45:10Z440 MMDVM Voice 431.80000MHz +7.6000MHz, ON0SNW_Pi-Star_RPT(3ON0SNW-R)
440 Voice 431.80000MHz +7.6000MHz(2ON0SNW-B)
ON0ANT 51.13.02N 004.25.17EJO21FF 10.837km 111°ESE17:56:24ZWX3in1Plus2.0 U=12.2V,T=??.?C/??.?F(3ON0ANT-10)
ON1GL 51.12.75N 004.26.34EJO21FF 12.284km 111°ESE17:56:33ZWind 197°/004kn, Böen bis 009kn, Temp 15.56c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 0.0mm, seit 0h 0.0mm, Baro 1019.2h, Hum: 62%(3ON1GL-10)
ON7KB 51.20.05N 004.23.56EJO21EI 12.348km 42°NE17:54:52ZPLXTracker U=16.6V, T=??.?C.(3ON7KB-5)
QRV at home {UIV32N}(2ON7KB)
DVRPTR MHz MHz Stabroek(2ON7KB-D)
DVRPTR MHz MHz Stabroek(2ON7KB-9)
ON7IVO 51.21.59N 004.18.85EJO21DI 12.373km 13°NNE17:41:57Z440 MMDVM Voice 439.00000MHz -5.0000MHz, ON7IVO_Pi-Star_RPT(3ON7IVO-R)
ON5CT 51.10.11N 004.08.65EJO21BE 12.921km 224°SW17:48:03Z440 Voice 431.07500MHz +0.0000MHz(3ON5CT-B)
ON0AN 51.14.37N 004.27.84EJO21FF 13.301km 96°E17:39:07Z440 Voice 439.35000MHz -7.6000MHz(3ON0AN-B)
440 MMDVM Voice 439.35000MHz -7.6000MHz, ON0AN_Pi-Star_RPT(2ON0AN-R)
ON3BJK 51.09.86N 004.08.34EJO21BD 13.491km 224°SW17:54:48Z440 MMDVM Voice 434.87500MHz +0.0000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(3ON3BJK-D)
ON8PMO 51.09.59N 004.08.39EJO21BD 13.808km 223°SW17:55:51Z440 Voice 439.92500MHz -7.6000MHz(3ON8PMO-B)
440 MMDVM Voice 434.92500MHz +0.0000MHz, ON8PMO_Pi-Star_ND(2ON8PMO-N)
440 MMDVM Voice 439.92500MHz -7.6000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(2ON8PMO-D)
ON8JJ 51.08.44N 004.22.72EJO21ED 14.333km 149°SSE17:02:21Z](3ON8JJ-9)
ON3JT 51.10.26N 004.28.01EJO21FE 16.152km 124°SE17:42:01ZLoRa iGATE 433.775 BW125 SF12 CR5(3ON3JT-10)
ON0DP 51.06.14N 004.22.04EJO21EC 17.811km 159°SSE17:46:35Z1.2 Voice 1298.22500MHz -28.0000MHz(3ON0DP-A)
440 Voice 438.46250MHz -7.6000MHz(2ON0DP-B)
ON7DS 51.07.66N 004.28.32EJO21FD 19.513km 135°SE17:39:52Z440 Voice 433.45000MHz +0.0000MHz(3ON7DS-B)
440 MMDVM Voice 433.45000MHz +0.0000MHz, ON7DS_Pi-Star_ND(2ON7DS-N)
ON7EQ 51.07.32N 004.29.20EJO21FC 20.671km 134°SE17:51:35Z440 MMDVM Voice 433.45000MHz +0.0000MHz, ON7DS_Pi-Star_ND
Wind 185°/000kn, Böen bis 001kn, Temp 12.78c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 0.0mm, seit 0h 0.0mm, Baro 1018.5h, Hum: 69%(2ON7EQ-13)
ON4KVK 51.07.19N 004.01.19EJO21AC 22.957km 231°SW17:53:53Z440 MMDVM Voice 439.65000MHz +0.0000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(3ON4KVK-D)
ON3YF 51.18.96N 004.35.86EJO21HH 23.627km 72°ENE17:39:55Z440 MMDVM Voice 439.00000MHz -5.0000MHz, ON3YF_Pi-Star_RPT(3ON3YF-R)
ON8DOE 51.06.92N 004.00.25EJO21AC 24.120km 231°SW17:39:59ZUI-View32 V2.03
ON7TA 51.04.60N 004.29.35EJO21FB 24.553km 142°SE17:56:13ZON7TA LoRa 433.775 iGATE(3ON7TA-10)
PC4C 51.21.17N 003.57.54EJO11XI 24.611km 297°WNW17:56:12ZOpenWebRX APRS gateway
ON0WAL 51.03.66N 004.27.70EJO21FB 24.894km 148°SSE17:41:37Z440 Voice 439.07500MHz -7.6000MHz(3ON0WAL-B)
440 MMDVM Voice 439.07500MHz -7.6000MHz, ON0WAL_Pi-Star_RPT(2ON0WAL-R)
PD0ZA 51.28.40N 004.19.95EJO21DL 24.987km N17:42:36Z2m Voice 144.10000MHz +0.0000MHz(3PD0ZA-C)
440 MMDVM Voice 431.80000MHz +0.0000MHz, PD0ZA_Pi-Star_ND(2PD0ZA-N)
ON3OSI 51.23.96N 003.58.13EJO11XJ 26.803km 308°NW17:57:19Zosi service(3ON3OSI-10)
ON7DE 50.59.93N 004.18.64EJO20DX 28.201km 175°S17:39:51Zoper. Eddy QTH Londerzeel JO20DX
PD1XAN 51.30.49N 004.16.89EJO21DM 28.548km N17:43:06ZQRV PI2NOS or local repeat(3PD1XAN-5)
ON4AVM 51.01.54N 004.29.02EJO21FA 29.059km 150°SSE17:50:45ZQRV PI2NOS or local repeat(3ON4AVM-11)
ON6RVD 51.05.88N 003.54.18EJO11WC 30.962km 237°WSW17:37:30Z440 Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz(3ON6RVD-B)
ON3FLA 51.00.12N 004.29.10EJO21FA 31.423km 152°SSE17:55:49ZLoRa iGATE & Digi, Info: github.com/lora-aprs/LoRa_APRS_iGate(3ON3FLA-10)
ON7MA 51.00.00N 004.00.00EJO21AA 33.876km 214°SW17:50:30Z440 Voice 434.87500MHz +0.0000MHz(3ON7MA-B)
ON7UDM 51.00.00N 004.00.00EJO21AA 33.876km 214°SW17:45:41Z440 MMDVM Voice 434.87500MHz +0.0000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(3ON7UDM-D)
ON3URE 50.56.84N 004.14.41EJO20CW 33.891km 184°S17:20:17ZLoRa iGATE & Digi, Info: github.com/lora-aprs/LoRa_APRS_iGate(3ON3URE-10)
Solar Powered LoRa Tracker https://on3ure.be/lora-aprs(2ON3URE-15)
DiY APRS Gateway(2ON3URE-9)
ON3MPE 50.58.27N 004.27.98EJO20FX 33.936km 157°SSE17:55:23ZLoRa iGATE POE,(3ON3MPE-12)
ON4IT 50.58.20N 004.04.20EJO20AX 34.368km 205°SSW17:48:02ZON4IT LoRa iGATE(3ON4IT-10)
PD3JAG 51.32.78N 004.06.09EJO21BN 34.877km 340°NNW17:53:23ZYaesu DMO with EA7EE Sofware
440 Voice 434.00000MHz +0.0000MHz(2PD3JAG-B)
PE9GHZ 51.29.41N 003.54.67EJO11WL 36.573km 317°NW17:48:20ZLoRa APRS iGate & Digi 433.775(3PE9GHZ-10)
ON7WP 51.05.00N 004.44.01EJO21IC 37.104km 120°ESE17:51:48ZLoR@ IG@TE(3ON7WP-11)
ON3TR 50.56.79N 003.57.06EJO10XW 40.705km 214°SW17:54:06ZRX only iGate on RPI(3ON3TR-10)
PC4L 51.29.41N 003.49.41EJO11VL 40.985km 311°NW17:57:42ZLoRa iGATE & Digi 433.775 Mhz, Info: github.com/lora-aprs/LoRa_APRS_iGate(3PC4L-10)
ON4VT 51.04.16N 004.47.15EJO21JB 41.048km 119°ESE17:50:14ZWind 148°/002kn, Böen bis 003kn, Temp 12.78c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 0.0mm, seit 0h 0.0mm, Baro 1020.1h, Hum: 71%(3ON4VT-13)
PE1PTS 51.32.02N 003.52.53EJO11WM 41.799km 319°NW17:49:49ZLoRa Digi/iGATE Home Receiver(3PE1PTS-7)
Michel PE1PTS/M on the move(2PE1PTS-9)
ON4DCU 50.54.93N 004.33.86EJO20GV 42.507km 151°SSE17:57:27Z440 MMDVM Voice 434.87500MHz +0.0000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(3ON4DCU-D)
440 Voice 434.77500MHz +0.0000MHz(2ON4DCU-B)
ON1DQJ 51.01.49N 004.46.18EJO21JA 42.799km 126°SE17:28:13ZON1DQJ/M Bert Test LoRa(3ON1DQJ-12)
Test LoRa iGate Rx only(2ON1DQJ-10)
Test iGate Rx only 144.8(2ON1DQJ-15)
ON7KY 51.08.85N 004.52.07EJO21KD 42.967km 105°ESE17:50:00ZLoRa iGATE(3ON7KY-11)
PI1ETL 51.34.53N 004.38.69EJO21HN 44.257km 35°NE17:46:46ZSolar & Wind powered Igate / Digi JO21HN U=12.5V,T=23.1C(3PI1ETL-10)
145.825Mhz ARISS - ISS Igate service Etten-Leur, JO21HN(2PI1ETL-11)
Solar & Wind powered Igate / Digi JO21HN U=12.6V,T=24.8C(2PI1ETL)
Wind 168°/004kn, Böen bis 006kn, Temp 15.00c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 0.0mm, seit 0h 0.0mm, Baro 0000.0h, Hum: 59%(2PI1ETL-13)
Solar & Wind powered LoRa iGATE Etten-Leur, JO21HN(2PI1ETL-15)
PI1ETL High Altitude Weather Balloon tracking(2PI1ETL-14)
ON6OO 51.03.73N 004.50.78EJO21KB 45.133km 118°ESE17:45:43ZWind 191°/000kn, Böen bis 002kn, Temp 13.89c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 0.0mm, seit 0h 0.0mm, Baro 1033.8h, Hum: 76%(3ON6OO-13)
ON1TG 50.51.18N 004.24.09EJO20EU 45.206km 169°S17:47:38ZLoRa Digi VRT(3ON1TG-12)
ON6SX 50.54.39N 004.37.52EJO20HV 45.539km 147°SSE17:46:30ZWX3in1Plus2.0 U=12.4V,T=20.6C/69.0F
ON4CDR 50.52.54N 004.32.53EJO20GV 45.790km 156°SSE17:57:18ZLoRa iGATE & Digi, Info: github.com/lora-aprs/LoRa_APRS_iGate(3ON4CDR-11)
ON0GRC 51.02.69N 003.42.10EJO11UB 46.044km 240°WSW17:57:21Z440 Voice 439.25000MHz -7.6000MHz(3ON0GRC-B)
ON0TVO 51.02.69N 003.42.10EJO11UB 46.054km 240°WSW17:47:53ZDIGI Gent
ON3CRX 50.51.09N 004.29.03EJO20FU 46.826km 162°SSE17:47:08ZLoRa Digi/iGATE Home Receiver(3ON3CRX-10)
LoRa iGATE, Info: github.com/lora-aprs/LoRa_APRS_iGate(2ON3CRX-11)
PI1LAP 51.33.52N 003.48.15EJO11VN 47.267km 316°NW17:43:17ZPI1LAP-7>IDENT,qAR,CT1EBQ-3:PI1LAP-7 Node - PI8LAP bbs - JO11VN(3PI1LAP-7)
PI8LAP 51.33.52N 003.48.15EJO11VN 47.267km 316°NW17:44:37ZPI8LAP>MAIL,qAR,IR2UFV-12:Mail For : PD9Q
ON4AGP 50.51.58N 004.33.67EJO20GU 47.977km 155°SSE17:15:59Z](3ON4AGP-9)
ON7JOE 50.58.49N 004.48.54EJO20JX 48.392km 129°SE17:54:17ZLoRa-APRS-GATE(3ON7JOE-10)
ON5KR 51.05.54N 003.36.81EJO11TC 49.309km 249°WSW17:38:53Z440 MMDVM Voice 439.67500MHz -7.6000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(3ON5KR-D)
440 MMDVM Voice 439.67500MHz -7.6000MHz, ON5KR_Pi-Star_RPT(2ON5KR-R)
ON1LFM 50.48.71N 004.22.50EJO20ET 49.382km 172°S17:46:06ZopenSPOT 434.4250/434.4250 CC1(3ON1LFM-1)
ON5OO 50.48.94N 004.26.08EJO20FT 49.735km 167°SSE17:55:45ZLoRa iGATE & Digi, Info: github.com/lora-aprs/LoRa_APRS_iGate(3ON5OO-10)

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