51.10.76N 004.08.20E
JO21BE aprs.fi
37km/h, 357°
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APRS JO21BE, 2 Stunde(n), ON3OSI-10 [12:30:57, 0s].
ON3BJK 51.09.86N 004.08.34EJO21BD 1.116km 167°SSE10:14:32Z440 MMDVM Voice 434.87500MHz +0.0000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(3ON3BJK-D)
ON8PMO 51.09.59N 004.08.39EJO21BD 1.619km 168°SSE10:10:58Z440 Voice 439.92500MHz -7.6000MHz(3ON8PMO-B)
440 MMDVM Voice 431.90000MHz +0.0000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(2ON8PMO-D)
440 MMDVM Voice 431.90000MHz +0.0000MHz, ON8PMO_Pi-Star_ND(2ON8PMO-N)
440 MMDVM Voice 439.92500MHz -7.6000MHz, ON8PMO_Pi-Star_RPT(2ON8PMO-R)
ON0SNW 51.11.59N 004.09.29EJO21BE 2.502km 33°NNE10:15:27Z440 Voice 431.80000MHz +7.6000MHz(3ON0SNW-B)
440 MMDVM Voice 431.80000MHz +7.6000MHz, ON0SNW_Pi-Star_RPT(2ON0SNW-R)
ON4KVK 51.07.19N 004.01.19EJO21AC 10.055km 233°SW10:13:42Z440 MMDVM Voice 439.65000MHz +0.0000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(3ON4KVK-D)
ON4VH 51.15.16N 004.16.72EJO21DG 13.252km 49°NE10:11:15Z440 MMDVM Voice 434.87500MHz +0.0000MHz, ON4VH_Pi-Star_ND(3ON4VH-N)
440 Voice 434.87500MHz +0.0000MHz(2ON4VH-B)
ON6FM 51.11.76N 004.23.40EJO21EE 17.922km 82°E10:09:26ZYuri Antwerpen, BE | https://t.me/EchoLinkRU(3ON6FM-1)
ON0DP 51.06.14N 004.22.04EJO21EC 18.044km 116°ESE10:26:15Z1.2 Voice 1298.22500MHz -28.0000MHz(3ON0DP-A)
440 Voice 438.46250MHz -7.6000MHz(2ON0DP-B)
ON6RVD 51.05.88N 003.54.18EJO11WC 18.273km 243°WSW10:20:36Z440 Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz(3ON6RVD-B)
ON5DH 51.00.04N 004.05.47EJO21BA 19.543km 189°S10:30:56Z`_1(3ON5DH-9)
ON8JJ 51.16.53N 004.22.04EJO21EG 19.688km 55°NE10:01:55Z]=(3ON8JJ-14)
ON0ANT 51.13.02N 004.25.17EJO21FF 20.364km 76°ENE10:26:48ZWX3in1Plus2.0 U=12.2V,T=??.?C/??.?F(3ON0ANT-10)
ON7MA 51.00.00N 004.00.00EJO21AA 21.557km 206°SSW10:24:42Z440 Voice 434.87500MHz +0.0000MHz(3ON7MA-B)
ON7UDM 51.00.00N 004.00.00EJO21AA 21.557km 206°SSW10:25:27Z440 MMDVM Voice 434.87500MHz +0.0000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(3ON7UDM-D)
ON1GL 51.12.75N 004.26.34EJO21FF 21.584km 78°ENE10:26:42ZWind 233°/002kn, Böen bis 006kn, Temp 10.00c, Regen 1.5mm, letzte 24h 21.8mm, seit 0h 21.8mm, Baro 1000.6h, Hum: 88%(3ON1GL-10)
ON7DE 50.59.93N 004.18.64EJO20DX 23.013km 148°SSE10:12:56ZHome Station {UIV32N}
ON3JT 51.10.26N 004.28.01EJO21FE 23.122km 91°E10:03:49ZLoRa iGATE 433.775 BW125 SF12 CR5(3ON3JT-10)
ON4IT 50.58.20N 004.04.20EJO20AX 23.143km 191°S10:18:56ZON4IT LoRa iGATE(3ON4IT-10)
PC4C 51.21.17N 003.57.54EJO11XI 23.337km 328°NNW09:56:11ZOpenWebRX APRS gateway
ON0AN 51.14.37N 004.27.84EJO21FF 24.014km 72°ENE10:18:09Z440 Voice 439.35000MHz -7.6000MHz(3ON0AN-B)
440 MMDVM Voice 439.35000MHz -7.6000MHz, ON0AN_Pi-Star_RPT(2ON0AN-R)
ON7DS 51.07.66N 004.28.32EJO21FD 24.055km 102°ESE10:19:36Z440 Voice 433.45000MHz +0.0000MHz(3ON7DS-B)
440 MMDVM Voice 433.45000MHz +0.0000MHz, ON7DS_Pi-Star_ND(2ON7DS-N)
ON7IVO 51.21.59N 004.18.85EJO21DI 24.107km 31°NNE10:11:40Z440 MMDVM Voice 439.00000MHz -5.0000MHz, ON7IVO_Pi-Star_RPT(3ON7IVO-R)
ON7EQ 51.07.32N 004.29.20EJO21FC 25.189km 103°ESE10:25:33ZWind 215°/002kn, Böen bis 006kn, Temp 12.22c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 0.0mm, seit 0h 0.0mm, Baro 0999.9h, Hum: 81%(3ON7EQ-13)
ON7KB 51.20.06N 004.23.52EJO21EI 25.233km 45°NE10:29:01ZDVRPTR MHz MHz Stabroek(3ON7KB-D)
QRV at home {UIV32N}(2ON7KB)
PicoAPRS - World's smallest APRS Transceiver by DB1NTO!(2ON7KB-7)
ON0WAL 51.03.66N 004.27.70EJO21FB 26.015km 119°ESE10:21:06Z440 Voice 439.07500MHz -7.6000MHz(3ON0WAL-B)
440 MMDVM Voice 439.07500MHz -7.6000MHz, ON0WAL_Pi-Star_RPT(2ON0WAL-R)
ON3URE 50.56.84N 004.14.56EJO20CW 26.309km 163°SSE10:30:39ZDiY APRS Gateway(3ON3URE-9)
LoRa iGATE & Digi, Info: github.com/lora-aprs/LoRa_APRS_iGate(2ON3URE-10)
Solar Powered LoRa Tracker https://on3ure.be/lora-aprs(2ON3URE-15)
ON7TA 51.04.60N 004.29.35EJO21FB 26.961km 114°ESE10:28:54ZON7TA LoRa 433.775 iGATE(3ON7TA-10)
PA3GEO 51.24.94N 004.11.09EJO21CJ 27.078km N10:20:48Z440 MMDVM Voice 435.00000MHz +0.0000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(3PA3GEO-D)
ON3TR 50.56.79N 003.57.06EJO10XW 28.388km 207°SSW10:21:21ZRX only iGate on RPI(3ON3TR-10)
ON4AVM 51.01.54N 004.29.02EJO21FA 29.393km 124°SE10:30:47ZCPU load: 0.32/0.23/0.26 @ 2022-09-27 08:30 CET(3ON4AVM-11)
ON3FLA 51.00.12N 004.29.10EJO21FA 31.042km 128°SE10:22:43ZLoRa iGATE & Digi, Info: github.com/lora-aprs/LoRa_APRS_iGate(3ON3FLA-10)
ON3MPE 50.58.33N 004.28.54EJO20FX 32.711km 133°SE10:26:40ZLoRa Tracker - _Bat.: 2.91V - Cur.: 0mA(3ON3MPE-6)
LoRa Tracker - _Bat.: 4.14V - Cur.: -1mA(2ON3MPE-9)
ON0GRC 51.02.69N 003.42.10EJO11UB 33.506km 245°WSW10:22:29Z440 Voice 439.25000MHz -7.6000MHz(3ON0GRC-B)
ON0TVO 51.02.69N 003.42.10EJO11UB 33.517km 245°WSW10:19:12Z440 Voice 439.25000MHz -7.6000MHz
ON3YF 51.18.96N 004.35.86EJO21HH 35.828km 64°ENE10:19:38Z440 MMDVM Voice 439.00000MHz -5.0000MHz, ON3YF_Pi-Star_RPT(3ON3YF-R)
PD0ZA 51.28.40N 004.19.95EJO21DL 35.965km 22°NNE10:13:18Z440 MMDVM Voice 431.80000MHz +0.0000MHz, PD0ZA_Pi-Star_ND(3PD0ZA-N)
2m Voice 144.10000MHz +0.0000MHz(2PD0ZA-C)
ON7TG 51.13.55N 004.39.13EJO21HF 36.461km 81°E10:26:25Z]=(3ON7TG-9)
ON5KR 51.05.54N 003.36.81EJO11TC 37.517km 256°WSW10:18:45Z440 MMDVM Voice 439.67500MHz -7.6000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(3ON5KR-D)
440 MMDVM Voice 439.67500MHz -7.6000MHz, ON5KR_Pi-Star_RPT(2ON5KR-R)
ON7AMI 50.59.19N 003.40.89EJO10UX 37.934km 237°WSW10:26:18ZWind 264°/013kn, Böen bis 016kn, Temp 10.00c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 17.8mm, seit 0h 17.8mm, Baro 1002.3h, Hum: 71%(3ON7AMI-5)
ON1TG 50.51.18N 004.24.09EJO20EU 40.284km 152°SSE10:16:51ZLoRa Digi VRT(3ON1TG-12)
PD0PVR 51.32.11N 004.13.40EJO21CM 40.586km N10:30:49ZWe take the blue road
PD3JAG 51.32.78N 004.06.09EJO21BN 41.431km 357°N10:30:10Z440 Voice 434.00000MHz +0.0000MHz(3PD3JAG-B)
Yaesu DMO with EA7EE Sofware(2PD3JAG)
ON4DCU 50.54.93N 004.33.86EJO20GV 41.551km 134°SE10:22:52Z440 MMDVM Voice 434.87500MHz +0.0000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(3ON4DCU-D)
440 Voice 434.77500MHz +0.0000MHz(2ON4DCU-B)
440 MMDVM Voice 439.67500MHz +0.0000MHz, ON4DCU_Pi-Star_ND(2ON4DCU-N)
ON7WP 51.05.00N 004.44.01EJO21IC 42.942km 103°ESE10:23:20ZLoR@ IG@TE(3ON7WP-11)
ON3CRX 50.51.09N 004.29.03EJO20FU 43.372km 146°SE10:16:48ZLoRa Digi/iGATE Home Receiver(3ON3CRX-10)
LoRa iGATE, Info: github.com/lora-aprs/LoRa_APRS_iGate(2ON3CRX-11)
ON4CDR 50.52.54N 004.32.53EJO20GV 43.706km 139°SE10:21:25ZLoRa iGATE & Digi, Info: github.com/lora-aprs/LoRa_APRS_iGate(3ON4CDR-11)
ON6SX 50.54.39N 004.37.52EJO20HV 45.379km 131°SE10:16:56ZQRV at ON0BEL(3ON6SX-14)
WX3in1Plus2.0 U=12.4V,T=21.5C/70.7F(2ON6SX)
ON4AGP 50.51.67N 004.33.82EJO20GU 45.933km 139°SE10:28:39ZRF to internet / no transmit
ON7YZ 51.02.15N 004.45.92EJO21JA 46.594km 109°ESE10:30:01ZMario in Booischot QRV 145.250 Mhz
ON4VT 51.04.16N 004.47.15EJO21JB 46.875km 104°ESE10:15:38ZWind 215°/006kn, Böen bis 009kn, Temp 8.33c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 13.7mm, seit 0h 13.7mm, Baro 1000.8h, Hum: 68%(3ON4VT-13)
PE1MSZ 51.27.42N 004.38.48EJO21HK 47.172km 48°NE10:18:46Z440 MMDVM Voice 439.75000MHz +0.0000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(3PE1MSZ-D)
PI1APV 51.26.96N 003.35.28EJO11TK 48.806km 309°NW10:04:40Z440 MMDVM Voice 439.75000MHz +0.0000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(3PI1APV-2)
ON2AAL 51.05.15N 003.26.93EJO11RC 48.896km 259°W10:14:15ZStefaan on DMR
PA1FZH 51.28.85N 003.36.81EJO11TL 49.750km 313°NW10:29:41ZDefender 90(3PA1FZH-9)
ON4NL 51.09.11N 004.50.91EJO21KD 49.796km 93°E10:30:43Z`_%(3ON4NL-12)
ON3STE 51.00.53N 003.28.30EJO11RA 49.859km 249°WSW10:17:12ZYou Will Receive me on a frequency

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