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APRS KP20JO, 0 Stunde(n), OH2FCZ-R [00:35:31, 0s].
OH2HNW 60.37.10N 024.53.94EKP20KO 4.842km 65°ENE22:31:17ZMMDVM MMDVM HS Hat 434.4875/434.4875 CC1
OH2DMRN 60.30.64N 024.44.83EKP20IM 10.652km 201°SSW22:31:36ZR10QCGANQ1AN 434.5625/432.5625 CC1
OH2RDU 60.30.64N 024.44.83EKP20IM 10.652km 201°SSW22:17:55ZR,Wn,Tn Rajamaki
OH2NJR 60.30.30N 024.43.86EKP20IM 11.598km 204°SSW22:31:41ZRx iGate and WX station
OH3EYR 60.43.79N 024.44.39EKP20IR 15.075km 344°NNW22:31:07ZMMDVM MMDVM HS Hat 434.4750/434.4750 CC1(3OH3EYR-1)
OH3FQC 60.44.06N 024.45.38EKP20JR 15.332km 347°NNW22:31:15ZMMDVM MMDVM HS Hat 434.4875/434.4875 CC1
OH3GLY 60.44.42N 024.44.02EKP20IR 16.292km 344°NNW22:34:28ZKaitsu(3OH3GLY-9)
OH2TIMO 60.28.73N 025.02.52EKP20ML 18.169km 138°SE22:31:25ZopenSPOT 434.4625/434.4625 CC15
OH2RUP 60.29.47N 025.04.08EKP20ML 18.221km 131°SE22:31:11ZMMDVM 434.6500/432.6500 CC1
OH2KJG 60.29.47N 025.04.20EKP20ML 18.296km 131°SE21:37:41ZMMDVM 434.6500/432.6500 CC1(3OH2KJG-10)
OH2RDP 60.28.50N 025.05.67EKP20NL 20.504km 132°SE22:31:10ZRELAY,WIDE, OH2AP Jarvenpaa
OH3NDH 60.45.00N 024.34.79EKP20GS 21.142km 322°NW22:31:11ZMMDVM MMDVM HS Hat 434.4875/434.4875 CC13
OH3NK 60.48.71N 024.47.52EKP20JT 23.614km 356°N22:31:07ZMMDVM MMDVM HS Hat 434.4875/434.4875 CC10(3OH3NK-1)
OH2BCE 60.20.97N 024.32.95EKP20GI 31.501km 208°SSW22:30:12ZQTH 51.510Mhz FM
OH2HCY 60.20.82N 025.05.10EKP20NI 31.688km 152°SSE22:23:59ZWind 176°/001kn, Böen bis 003kn, Temp 7.78c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 0.0mm, seit 0h 0.0mm, Baro 0993.1h, Hum: 89%
OH2EWK 60.19.57N 024.38.90EKP20HH 31.826km 197°SSW22:35:04ZWind 000°/000kn, Böen bis 000kn, Temp 8.33c, Regen 1.0mm, letzte 24h 14.2mm, seit 0h 14.2mm, Baro 0995.8h, Hum: 96%(3OH2EWK-15)
EFHK 60.19.00N 024.57.99EKP20LH 32.528km 165°SSE22:32:50ZWind 200°/004kn, Böen bis 000kn, Temp 7.78c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 0.0mm, seit 0h 0.0mm, Baro 1014.0h, Hum: 0%
OH2AAV 60.19.88N 025.03.56EKP20MH 32.635km 156°SSE22:26:57Z]434.900MHz VFO A, Vantaan Radioamatoorit=(3OH2AAV-15)
OH2RBV 60.19.88N 025.03.56EKP20MH 32.635km 156°SSE22:32:32Z050.700MHz USB (dial) Winlink & APRS, Vantaan Radioamatoorit
OH2RUF 60.19.88N 025.03.56EKP20MH 32.635km 156°SSE22:31:32ZM27QPR9JA7AN 434.5250/432.5250 CC1
OH2RBB 60.19.05N 025.03.50EKP20MH 34.045km 157°SSE22:28:40Z003.596MHz USB (dial) Winlink & APRS, Vantaan Radioamatoorit
OH3MYI 60.53.99N 024.36.00EKP20HV 35.405km 340°NNW22:31:14ZMMDVM MMDVM HS Hat 434.4250/434.4250 CC1(3OH3MYI-1)
OH2BTG 60.17.20N 025.01.08EKP20MG 36.513km 162°SSE22:20:31ZEero's QTH
OH2RCH 60.29.96N 024.09.19EKP20BL 38.046km 253°WSW22:29:00ZEero's QTH(3OH2RCH-3)
OH2GAX 60.15.41N 024.47.93EKP20JG 38.149km 182°S22:31:23ZopenSPOT3 434.4625/434.4625 CC12
OH2EGI 60.16.89N 025.06.36EKP20NG 38.741km 156°SSE22:33:37ZCraig 3w6d07h 42/49C 23.9V m423 h431 d16 f92(3OH2EGI-1)
Vantaa, Hakunila. TRX 12.3V, 32.5C/90.5F(2OH2EGI-2)
OH2BAV 60.14.15N 024.49.74EKP20JF 40.473km 179°S22:31:17ZMMDVM MMDVM HS Hat 434.4750/434.4750 CC11(3OH2BAV-1)
OH2KO 60.14.48N 024.57.26EKP20LF 40.548km 169°S22:11:48ZMMDVM MMDVM HS Hat 434.4750/434.4750 CC11
OH1UK 60.13.46N 024.45.51EKP20JF 41.896km 185°S22:28:56ZCraig 3w6d07h 42/49C 23.9V m423 h431 d16 f92
OH2T 60.13.20N 024.52.29EKP20KF 42.329km 176°S22:35:14ZRaspberry Pi iGate(3OH2T-1)
OH4KA 60.36.09N 025.35.71EKP20TO 42.378km 89°E22:28:58ZRaspberry pi / tnc-X Rx-only igate(3OH4KA-4)
Raspberry pi(2OH4KA-7)
OH3AA 60.57.03N 024.29.02EKP20FW 43.018km 335°NNW22:21:25Z432.500MHz RX-only APRS IGate running Direwolf on Raspberry Pi(3OH3AA-3)
144.800MHz RX-only APRS IGate running Direwolf on Raspberry Pi(2OH3AA-2)
OH3RAA 60.57.03N 024.29.00EKP20FW 43.026km 335°NNW22:31:30ZR10QCGANQ1AN 434.5875/432.5875 CC1
OH2RDS 60.16.66N 025.15.26EKP20PG 43.073km 146°SE22:34:20ZR,W,T,Wn,Tn Sipoo oh1gsm@sral.fi
OH2EWL 60.12.56N 024.53.24EKP20KF 43.597km 175°S22:29:55ZHaaga Etela rx IGate(3OH2EWL-10)
OH2EUQ 60.13.73N 025.07.68EKP20NF 44.605km 157°SSE22:31:27ZopenSPOT 434.4625/434.4625 CC11(3OH2EUQ-1)
OH2FZV 60.12.00N 024.56.59EKP20LE 44.995km 171°S22:16:44Z`434.900MHz Mika QTH / 3.4&10&24GHz 1024 QAM TEST_%
OH2DMRH 60.11.80N 024.56.20EKP20LE 45.290km 172°S22:31:38ZR10QCGANQ1AN 434.5750/432.5750 CC1
OH2TI 60.11.24N 024.50.18EKP20KE 45.889km 179°S22:25:11ZR10QCGANQ1AN 434.5750/432.5750 CC1
OH2DMRE 60.11.01N 024.45.06EKP20JE 46.454km 185°S22:31:35ZM27QNR9JA7AN 434.5125/432.5125 CC1
OH2TH 60.11.82N 024.35.40EKP20HE 46.529km 196°SSW22:22:46ZMMDVM MMDVM HS Dual Hat 434.9875/432.9875 CC1(3OH2TH-1)
OH2TH&OH2GLG on TG244(2OH2TH-8)
OH2LFM 60.11.21N 024.37.50EKP20HE 47.132km 193°SSW22:31:28ZOH2LFM 434.4250/434.4250 CC1
OH2LAK 60.27.56N 023.59.46EKP10XL 47.895km 251°WSW22:30:20ZWeather data from WeeWx and Vaisala WXT510(3OH2LAK-1)
OH3RDA 60.59.28N 024.24.73EKP20EX 48.459km 333°NNW22:25:40ZWeather data from WeeWx and Vaisala WXT510(3OH3RDA-3)
OH7JHF 60.10.39N 025.01.40EKP20ME 48.768km 167°SSE21:42:52ZPinPoint v2 rx-to-inet(3OH7JHF-1)
OH2RDK 60.09.89N 024.56.79EKP20LD 48.871km 172°S22:32:23ZPinPoint v2 rx-to-inet(3OH2RDK-7)
PinPoint v2 rx-to-inet(2OH2RDK-2)
OH2LOI 60.30.82N 025.42.60EKP20UM 49.653km 101°E22:25:12ZOH2LOI APRS IGate 144.800MHz(3OH2LOI-10)

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