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APRS Gemeinde Korneuburg [JN88DI], 0 Stunde(n), OE3AAS-N [18:47:04, 0s].
OE3AAS 48.20.96N 016.19.60EJN88DI 0.788km 22°NNE16:40:44Z440 MMDVM Voice 433.61250MHz +0.0000MHz, OE3AAS_Pi-Star_ND(3OE3AAS-N)
440 MMDVM Voice 433.61250MHz +0.0000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(2OE3AAS-D)
440 Voice 433.61250MHz +0.0000MHz(2OE3AAS-C)
OE3RQF 48.19.82N 016.18.00EJN88DH 2.174km 230°SW16:32:41ZLoRa APRS iGATE OE3RQF (433.775MHz)(3OE3RQF-10)
OE3MHU 48.18.05N 016.20.15EJN88EH 4.783km 168°SSE16:32:42ZWind 252°/001kn, Böen bis 006kn, Temp 16.11c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 3.3mm, seit 0h 3.3mm, Baro 1018.9h, Hum: 86%(3OE3MHU-13)
OE1XAR 48.18.64N 016.22.97EJN88EH 5.714km 129°SE16:25:33ZLoRa APRS iGATE OE3RQF (433.775MHz)(3OE1XAR-14)
Bisamberg/430.4125 (TETRA-Austria)(2OE1XAR-R)
OE1NHU 48.16.98N 016.23.20EJN88EG 8.178km 145°SE16:46:29Z13.0V 19C(3OE1NHU-13)
OE3WFC 48.23.08N 016.13.32EJN88CJ 8.764km 302°WNW16:44:38ZICOM RADIO CLUB U=14.0V.(3OE3WFC-10)
OE3WHU 48.23.26N 016.25.64EJN88FJ 9.213km 57°ENE16:33:01ZLoRa IGATE Manhartsbrunn V2 ;-)(3OE3WHU-10)
OE1HTB 48.15.19N 016.16.46EJN88DG 10.579km 200°SSW16:46:12ZWind 113°/001kn, Böen bis 005kn, Temp 15.56c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 1.8mm, seit 0h 1.8mm, Baro 1017.0h, Hum: 87%(3OE1HTB-13)
OE3BUB 48.17.31N 016.27.08EJN88FG 11.275km 122°ESE16:44:56Z.PCWS2.99.8E31(3OE3BUB-10)
OE1TRB 48.14.72N 016.22.52EJN88EF 11.529km 160°SSE16:43:19ZWX3in1Mini U=13.5V.(3OE1TRB-15)
OE1PUT 48.14.83N 016.24.07EJN88EF 12.111km 151°SSE16:34:03Z440 Voice 438.10000MHz +0.0000MHz(3OE1PUT-B)
440 MMDVM Voice 438.10000MHz +0.0000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(2OE1PUT-D)
440 MMDVM Voice 438.10000MHz +0.0000MHz, OE1PUT_Pi-Star_ND(2OE1PUT-N)
OE1XAC 48.15.90N 016.27.17EJN88FG 12.951km 132°SE16:37:49ZLoRa iGATE & Digi RX(3OE1XAC-10)
OE1TRI 48.13.50N 016.20.91EJN88EF 13.252km 172°S16:39:00ZWind 000°/000kn, Böen bis 000kn, Temp 17.78c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 0.0mm, seit 0h 0.0mm, Baro 0000.0h, Hum: 81%(3OE1TRI-12)
Loc JN88EF(2OE1TRI-10)
440 MMDVM Voice 430.10000MHz +0.0000MHz, OE1TRI_Pi-Star_ND(2OE1TRI-N)
LoRa iGATE & Digi(2OE1TRI-5)
OE1RSA 48.13.41N 016.19.76EJN88DF 13.287km 178°S16:00:03ZWaiting for a message from you!(3OE1RSA-1)
OE1RBU 48.13.50N 016.17.07EJN88DF 13.410km 192°SSW16:45:58Z(3OE1RBU-14)
CDE1F6 (b:8|[E809:-57,A542:-138]) 20220525-184557 +20C(2OE1RBU-7)
OE1XDS 48.13.23N 016.20.78EJN88EF 13.724km 173°S16:46:42Z2m Voice 145.57500MHz -0.6000MHz(3OE1XDS-C)
1.2 Voice 1298.65000MHz -28.0000MHz(2OE1XDS-A)
440 Voice 438.52500MHz -7.6000MHz(2OE1XDS-B)
4U1A 48.14.17N 016.25.00EJN88FF 13.757km 150°SSE16:39:20Z4U1A UN Amateur Radio Contest DX Club 'ARCDXC' https://www.cqdx.ru/4u1a
OE1CMW 48.28.08N 016.17.86EJN88DL 14.026km 352°N16:40:10Z440 Voice 430.32500MHz +0.0000MHz(3OE1CMW-B)
DH9ET 48.13.92N 016.24.91EJN88EF 14.094km 151°SSE16:40:06ZTom DOK C07(3DH9ET-5)
HG5OAP 48.13.69N 016.25.27EJN88FF 14.678km 150°SSE16:42:31ZTom DOK C07(3HG5OAP-10)
OE1TOA 48.12.60N 016.19.20EJN88DF 14.781km 181°S16:30:33ZMMDVM MMDVM HS Hat 433.7750/433.7750 CC1(3OE1TOA-5)
OE1FFS 48.12.78N 016.15.90EJN88DF 15.059km 196°SSW16:46:18ZWind 000°/000kn, Böen bis 000kn, Temp 19.44c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 0.0mm, seit 0h 0.0mm, Baro 0000.0h, Hum: 63%(3OE1FFS-WX)
OE1TKS 48.12.96N 016.13.57EJN88CF 15.810km 207°SSW16:46:14ZWind 000°/000kn, Böen bis 000kn, Temp 17.22c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 0.0mm, seit 0h 0.0mm, Baro 0000.0h, Hum: 10%(3OE1TKS-10)
OE1RIC 48.11.88N 016.17.39EJN88DE 16.275km 189°S16:30:11Z440 MMDVM Voice 438.10000MHz -7.6000MHz, OE1RIC_Pi-Star(3OE1RIC-R)
OE1ACM 48.12.95N 016.27.26EJN88FF 17.163km 145°SE16:32:24ZSNR=-0dB RSSI=-77db(3OE1ACM-38)
IGATE 3 LoRa 433.775/125/SF12/CR45 (No TX) http://www.lora-aprs.at Temp:31.6C Pressure:998.7hPa Humidity:29.3%(2OE1ACM-27)
OE1SCS 48.11.43N 016.23.22EJN88EE 17.607km 164°SSE16:35:21ZU=12.1V TNC und Sender OK(3OE1SCS-4)
iGate APRS LoRa https://bit.ly/oe1scs-10(2OE1SCS-14)
OE1MIS 48.11.06N 016.20.12EJN88EE 17.640km 177°S16:45:00ZRubi's IGate Lora rx433.775/125khz/sf12/cr45 https://bit.ly/2U4sJ9S(3OE1MIS-10)
OE1XTW 48.10.89N 016.23.45EJN88EE 18.629km 164°SSE16:42:03ZWien-Arsenal/430.4875 (TETRA-Austria)(3OE1XTW-R)
Wien-Arsenal/430.4875 (TETRA-Austria)(2OE1XTW)
OE1XOR 48.10.57N 016.17.50EJN88DE 18.662km 187°S16:18:48ZKueniglberg LoRa 433.775/125/SF12/CR45(3OE1XOR-12)
OE3PDB 48.14.72N 016.06.00EJN88BF 19.723km 237°WSW16:41:22ZIGATE Purkersdorf U=12.4V, T=31.3C(3OE3PDB-4)
IGATE Riederberg U=12.3V, T=26.8C(2OE3PDB-3)
Digi Riederberg U=12.4V.(2OE3PDB-1)
OE1XQR 48.10.15N 016.23.04EJN88EE 19.845km 167°SSE16:40:20Z13.4V 23C
OE1XKR 48.09.93N 016.21.91EJN88ED 19.978km 171°S16:40:45Z14.0V 32C(3OE1XKR-7)
OE3RNB 48.15.81N 016.04.13EJN88AG 20.738km 245°WSW16:46:28ZIGate Reichersberg Tullnerfeld U=13.4V.(3OE3RNB-10)
OE1OIW 48.09.11N 016.18.81EJN88DD 21.256km 182°S16:34:40Z440 MMDVM Voice 434.80000MHz +0.0000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(3OE1OIW-D)
OE1XUR 48.09.30N 016.23.74EJN88ED 21.582km 165°SSE16:23:20ZOE1XUR Laaerberg HAMNET Igate 144.8/438.125(3OE1XUR-10)
Laaerberg aprs/pr 144.8/438.125MHz -7.6(2OE1XUR)
OE1SMC 48.08.94N 016.17.03EJN88DD 21.733km 188°S16:40:04Zhans at home
OE1MRC 48.09.09N 016.23.13EJN88ED 21.767km 168°SSE16:46:16ZLoRa iGATE & Digi, Info: github.com/peterus/LoRa_APRS_iGate(3OE1MRC-11)
OE3GWW 48.11.47N 016.08.10EJN88BE 21.832km 220°SW16:40:53ZWX3in1Plus2.0 U=13.7V,T=??.?C/??.?F(3OE3GWW-2)
OE1LAB 48.08.44N 016.18.93EJN88DD 22.475km 181°S15:56:45ZAndreas via DMR+ OE3XQA(3OE1LAB-9)
OE1KDA 48.08.22N 016.20.98EJN88ED 22.969km 175°S16:43:31ZLuftdruck=1016.5 hPa SNR=-19dB RSSI=-81db(3OE1KDA-11)
OE1IWA 48.08.25N 016.17.28EJN88DD 22.983km 186°S16:44:42ZRx-only iGate 70cm, Vienna U=16.7V.(3OE1IWA-13)
OE1IWA-12 U=12.0V(2OE1IWA-12)
Rx-only iGate, Vienna(2OE1IWA-10)
OE1IWA U=13.6V.(2OE1IWA-11)
OE1ROT 48.09.21N 016.28.05EJN88FD 23.639km 153°SSE16:21:29ZLoRa APRS iGate https://www.aronaut.at(3OE1ROT-10)
OE3KJN 48.07.75N 016.19.69EJN88DD 23.770km 179°S16:46:10Z12.7V-15C www.Seefunkschule.at(3OE3KJN-9)
OE3UKW 48.24.38N 016.38.02EJN88HJ 24.037km 73°ENE16:43:57ZWX3in1Plus2.0 U=13.5V,T=20.0C/68.0F
OE3GHB 48.28.78N 016.35.24EJN88HL 24.771km 52°NE16:43:30Z(3OE3GHB-13)
LoRa iGATE(2OE3GHB-10)
OE3BIA 48.14.58N 016.00.52EJN88AF 25.736km 245°WSW16:46:42Zhttps://RPX-100.net(3OE3BIA-12)
OE3HCH 48.06.64N 016.23.38EJN88EC 26.295km 169°S16:16:45Z`_%(3OE3HCH-9)
OE3XGR 48.34.60N 016.23.90EJN88EN 26.578km 12°NNE16:36:29Z11.8V 26C
OE3MNS 48.13.72N 016.00.33EJN88AF 26.673km 242°WSW16:46:50Z`QRV. https://wetter-kreuth.at_1(3OE3MNS-9)
Wind 289°/007kn, Böen bis 013kn, Temp 16.11c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 2.8mm, seit 0h 2.8mm, Baro 1017.2h, Hum: 86%(2OE3MNS-12)
Wind 285°/005kn, Böen bis 015kn, Temp 15.56c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 8.6mm, seit 0h 8.6mm, Baro 1017.8h, Hum: 90%(2OE3MNS-13)
OE3CRA 48.13.51N 015.59.38EJN78XF 27.890km 242°WSW16:42:03ZPicoAPRS - World's smallest APRS Transceiver by DB1NTO!(3OE3CRA-9)
11.8V 26C(2OE3CRA-2)
OE3XLU 48.05.64N 016.14.43EJN88CC 28.337km 192°SSW16:39:41ZIGATE_LoRa433.775/125/SF12/CR45 * Giesshuebl *(3OE3XLU-12)
30m APRS GH(2OE3XLU-3)
OE3RPR 48.05.19N 016.14.38EJN88CC 29.147km 192°SSW16:43:50ZSharkRF openSPOT2
OE3REC 48.10.13N 016.37.21EJN88HE 29.312km 131°SE16:21:12Z13.1V 18C HDOP00.9 SATS09(3OE3REC-9)
OE3XXI 48.10.13N 016.37.22EJN88HE 29.325km 131°SE16:25:56Z13.1V 18C HDOP00.9 SATS09
OE3HUS 48.05.10N 016.25.73EJN88FC 29.721km 165°SSE16:22:12ZLora iGate(3OE3HUS-12)
OE3XMC 48.07.40N 016.33.70EJN88GC 30.140km 144°SE16:40:22ZIGATE_LoRa 4 433.775 RX ONLY--->by KLU!(3OE3XMC-16)
LoRa IGATE (RX only) 433.775 ---> by KLU !(2OE3XMC-17)
IGATE 2_LoRa 433.775 RX ONLY ---> by KLU !(2OE3XMC-13)
Sorry HF-Gate out of Order {UIV32N}(2OE3XMC)
IGATE 1_LoRa 433.775 RX ONLY ---> by KLU !(2OE3XMC-11)
OE3OSB 48.16.14N 016.42.96EJN88IG 30.221km 106°ESE16:19:16ZRadioSonde iGate OE3OSB-3 @THINKPAD(3OE3OSB-3)
OE3OSB 144.800 U=13.1V,T=24.3C/75.7F(2OE3OSB)
IGATE 3 LoRa 433.775/125/SF12/CR45 (No TX) http://www.lora-aprs.at Temp:30.1C Pressure:999.0hPa Humidity:32.3%(2OE3OSB-27)
OE3XHU 48.33.64N 016.04.20EJN88AN 30.547km 323°NW16:39:42ZOpenWebRX APRS gateway
OE3XOC 48.12.83N 015.55.68EJN78XF 32.538km 244°WSW16:41:23ZAPRS-IGate for QO-100(3OE3XOC-4)
Buchberg/430.5625 (TETRA-Austria)(2OE3XOC-R)
Lora iGateV6 433.775MHz Buchberg(2OE3XOC-11)
OE3XAS 48.21.46N 015.52.88EJN78WI 32.649km 273°W16:00:03ZClubstation ADL305 Zwentendorf
OE3MZC 48.12.06N 015.55.86EJN78XE 32.989km 242°WSW16:45:44ZIgate in Neulengbach 144.800/432.500Mhz(3OE3MZC-2)
OE3XFW 48.08.45N 015.59.31EJN78XD 33.410km 228°SW16:42:47ZIGATE_LoRa Hochstrass 433.775(3OE3XFW-11)
I-Gate Hochstrass rxtx:432.500, rx:144.800(2OE3XFW-10)
OE3ACS 48.08.57N 015.59.11EJN78XD 33.448km 228°SW16:46:58ZWind 295°/000kn, Böen bis 000kn, Temp 11.11c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 6.1mm, seit 0h 6.1mm, Baro 1026.3h, Hum: 95%(3OE3ACS-2)
OE3DMB 48.01.72N 016.22.99EJN88EA 35.228km 173°S16:42:35ZIGATE 3 LoRa 433.775/125/SF12/CR45 (No TX) *Muenchendorf*(3OE3DMB-12)
OE3BCB 48.12.00N 015.53.51EJN78WE 35.611km 244°WSW16:06:03ZIGATE 3 LoRa 433.775/125/SF12/CR45 (No TX) *Muenchendorf*(3OE3BCB-8)
*** This Symbol was sponsored by the OE3BCB-APRS Symbolservice.If you also need a Symbol for the APRS map, just contact me over QRZ.com ***(2OE3BCB-1)
ADSB-X Station T-LOAN94(2OE3BCB-12)
Wind 225°/017kn, Böen bis 026kn, Temp 18.33c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 0.0mm, seit 0h 0.0mm, Baro 1021.3h, Hum: 78%(2OE3BCB-14)
Christoph unterwegs(2OE3BCB-9)
OE3SMX 48.20.55N 015.49.39EJN78VI 36.911km 270°W16:36:51ZTx iGate Oberbierbaum(3OE3SMX-10)
OE3CFA 48.00.57N 016.15.03EJN88DA 37.447km 188°S16:29:07Zaprs.fi for iOS(3OE3CFA-7)
OE1CKW 47.59.17N 016.30.78EJN87GX 42.101km 160°SSE16:30:15ZWind 330°/005kn, Böen bis 010kn, Temp 14.44c, Regen 0.3mm, letzte 24h 4.6mm, seit 0h 4.6mm, Baro 1016.6h, Hum: 91%(3OE1CKW-10)
OE3JJS 48.13.16N 015.46.05EJN78VF 43.306km 252°WSW16:47:03ZWind 225°/011kn, Böen bis 015kn, Temp 15.00c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 0.0mm, seit 0h 0.0mm, Baro 1018.9h, Hum: 64%(3OE3JJS-13)
LU4CN 48.00.00N 016.00.00EJN88AA 45.011km 212°SSW16:30:47ZLU4CN DMR 441.0250/441.0250 CC1
SA0BDC 48.00.00N 016.00.00EJN88AA 45.011km 212°SSW16:37:28ZMMDVM DV4mini 433.4500/433.4500 CC1
SM0WQU 48.00.00N 016.00.00EJN88AA 45.011km 212°SSW16:37:29ZMMDVM DV4mini 433.4500/433.4500 CC1
SM7NST 48.00.00N 016.00.00EJN88AA 45.011km 212°SSW16:38:44ZMMDVM DV4mini 145.2250/145.2250 CC1(3SM7NST-2)
OE3LOA 47.56.66N 016.07.90EJN87BW 46.508km 198°SSW16:12:00ZOE3LOA Anytone 878UV(3OE3LOA-7)
OE3SMA 48.43.05N 016.37.45EJN88HR 47.206km 28°NNE16:43:03ZIGATE 3 LoRa 433.775/125/SF12/CR45 (No TX)(3OE3SMA-11)
OE3TRB 47.56.56N 016.06.23EJN87BW 47.365km 200°SSW16:43:39ZB=2.99V /T=nanC /H=nan 0X0P+0ngle:C LoRa TBeam(3OE3TRB-13)
Lora V2 iGATE(2OE3TRB-16)
WX3in1Mini U=14.4 APRS igate VHF Berndorf(2OE3TRB-15)
OE3RFA 48.09.53N 015.44.70EJN78UD 47.391km 245°WSW16:08:50Z`_(3OE3RFA-9)
OE3EIW 48.15.31N 015.40.81EJN78UG 48.499km 259°W16:39:39ZWind 337°/000kn, Böen bis 001kn, Temp 16.11c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 21.6mm, seit 0h 21.6mm, Baro 1019.9h, Hum: 83%(3OE3EIW-13)
OE3OWA 48.45.77N 016.32.91EJN88GS 49.571km 20°NNE16:43:21Zwww.qsl.net/oe3owa {UIV32N}(3OE3OWA-15)

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