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APRS JO01FO, 0 Stunde(n), MB6ZZ-C [01:01:35, 0s].
M6LHK 51.35.00N 000.29.80EJO01FO 0.380km 90°E22:46:55Z440 Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz(3M6LHK-B)
MB6ZZ 51.35.00N 000.29.80EJO01FO 0.380km 90°E22:53:41Z2m Voice 144.81250MHz +0.0000MHz(3MB6ZZ-C)
M0PSX 51.33.02N 000.40.38EJO01IN 13.080km 106°ESE23:00:06ZWind 000°/000kn, Böen bis 000kn, Temp 18.33c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 0.0mm, seit 0h 0.0mm, Baro 1025.3h, Hum: 68%
2E0IRX 51.28.41N 000.22.94EJO01EL 14.351km 212°SSW22:48:39Z440 MMDVM Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz, 2E0IRX_Pi-Star_ND(32E0IRX-N)
M0SCE 51.32.69N 000.41.88EJO01IN 14.911km 107°ESE22:53:35Z440 MMDVM Voice 434.00000MHz +0.0000MHz, M0SCE_Pi-Star(3M0SCE-N)
MB7UUE 51.34.11N 000.16.19EJO01DN 15.382km 264°W22:53:21ZWind 240°/000kn, Böen bis 013kn, Temp 18.33c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 0.0mm, seit 0h 0.0mm, Baro 1025.3h, Hum: 58%
M0XDC 51.40.31N 000.18.37EJO01DQ 16.140km 308°NW22:43:25ZWind 000°/000kn, Böen bis 000kn, Temp 16.67c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 0.0mm, seit 0h 0.0mm, Baro 1040.4h, Hum: 66%(3M0XDC-13)
Wind 000°/000kn, Böen bis 000kn, Temp 16.67c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 0.0mm, seit 0h 0.0mm, Baro 1040.4h, Hum: 66%(2M0XDC)
GB0SNB 51.40.31N 000.15.36EJO01DQ 18.989km 301°WNW22:49:01ZGB0SNB VHF OpenWebRX APRS RX - vhfsdr.gb0snb.com(3GB0SNB-1)
GB7ZP 51.45.85N 000.29.69EJO01FS 20.125km N22:49:02Z440 Voice 439.4875 -9.00 MHz(3GB7ZP-B)
2E0MTP 51.32.39N 000.10.80EJO01CM 22.051km 258°WSW22:47:19ZMMDVM HBlink 430.5000/439.5000 CC1(32E0MTP-1)
GB7HH 51.33.92N 000.10.35EJO01CN 22.110km 265°W23:01:16Z440 Voice 439.75000MHz -9.0000MHz(3GB7HH-B)
440 MMDVM Voice 439.75000MHz -9.0000MHz, GB7HH_Pi-Star_RPT(2GB7HH-R)
M0TBX 51.35.00N 000.10.00EJO01CO 22.429km 270°W23:00:47Z440 MMDVM Voice 439.45000MHz -5.0000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(3M0TBX-D)
G4POP 51.37.80N 000.48.65EJO01JP 22.674km 77°ENE22:45:56Z440 MMDVM Voice 434.00000MHz +0.0000MHz, G4POP_Pi-Star_ND(3G4POP-N)
G4MHJ 51.28.56N 000.08.92EJO01BL 26.516km 243°WSW22:56:28ZWind 172°/000kn, Böen bis 001kn, Temp 18.33c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 0.0mm, seit 0h 0.0mm, Baro 1025.4h, Hum: 64%(3G4MHJ-1)
MB7UWM 51.47.20N 000.42.07EJO01IS 26.837km 33°NNE22:26:38ZMB7UWM Great Totham {UIV32N}
G4DDP 51.28.25N 000.08.06EJO01BL 27.672km 243°WSW22:42:51Z440 MMDVM Voice 438.79970MHz +0.0000MHz, G4DDP_Pi-Star_ND(3G4DDP-N)
MB7UWK 51.21.09N 000.19.35EJO01DI 28.303km 204°SSW23:00:56ZMB7UWK - Ridley, Kent 11.9V(3MB7UWK-10)
G6VBJ 51.21.09N 000.19.30EJO01DI 28.310km 205°SSW22:42:18Z440 MMDVM Voice 433.80000MHz +0.0000MHz, G6VBJ_Pi-Star_ND(3G6VBJ-N)
440 Voice 433.80000MHz +0.0000MHz(2G6VBJ-B)
GB7AR 51.21.09N 000.19.30EJO01DI 28.310km 205°SSW22:42:19Z440 Voice 439.52500MHz -9.0000MHz(3GB7AR-B)
440 MMDVM Voice 439.52500MHz -9.0000MHz, GB7AR_Pi-Star_RPT(2GB7AR-R)
G8DZH 51.40.34N 000.05.96EJO01BQ 28.813km 290°WNW22:53:01Z440 MMDVM Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(3G8DZH-D)
440 MMDVM Voice 430.07500MHz +0.0000MHz, G8DZH_Pi-Star_ND(2G8DZH-N)
2E0EWM 51.33.05N 000.03.90EJO01AN 29.684km 263°W22:51:35Z440 MMDVM Voice 439.75000MHz -9.0000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(32E0EWM-D)
440 MMDVM Voice 439.75000MHz -9.0000MHz, 2E0EWM_Pi-Star_RPT(22E0EWM-R)
MB7RMS 51.39.47N 000.04.33EJO01AP 30.085km 286°WNW23:00:37ZHavocTechie Nodes - Managed by 2E0EMO
G0IQK 51.51.40N 000.33.89EJO01GU 30.809km N22:47:13Zbillchewter@lineone.net {UIV32}
M7NAR 51.17.39N 000.24.00EJO01EG 33.221km 191°S22:50:10Z440 Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz(3M7NAR-B)
440 MMDVM Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(2M7NAR-D)
M0BPQ 51.36.76N 000.00.37EJO01AO 33.664km 276°W23:00:48ZWX3in1Mini U=14.1V.(3M0BPQ-1)
G7WIR 51.22.54N 000.07.37EJO01BJ 34.389km 228°SW22:55:49Z440 Voice 430.91250MHz +0.0000MHz(3G7WIR-B)
2E0TKY 51.53.55N 000.33.29EJO01GV 34.669km N22:45:47Z440 MMDVM Voice 438.90000MHz +0.0000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(32E0TKY-D)
440 Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz(22E0TKY-B)
440 MMDVM Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz, 2E0TKY_Pi-Star_ND(22E0TKY-N)
G0UJA 51.23.40N 000.04.92EJO01AJ 35.567km 233°SW22:47:39Z440 MMDVM Voice 430.98000MHz +0.0000MHz, G0UJA_Pi-Star_4(3G0UJA-4)
3Z3O 51.28.68N 000.00.10EJO01AL 35.834km 251°WSW23:00:50ZSharkRF openSPOT4
M7VJS 51.35.58N 000.01.95WIO91XO 36.200km 272°W22:48:39Z440 Voice 438.95075MHz +0.0000MHz(3M7VJS-B)
M0RCQ 51.16.80N 000.16.19EJO01DG 37.049km 205°SSW22:58:02Z440 MMDVM Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(3M0RCQ-D)
GB3BK 51.25.65N 000.00.69EJO01AK 37.453km 243°WSW22:45:09ZUI-View32 V2.03, Echolink, Wires-X, CQ100, 2m,4m,6m, GB3BK-R
M0IZH 51.35.01N 000.04.86WIO91XO 39.538km 270°W22:43:09ZAPRS iGate U=14.1V 144.8MHz T=73.5F/23.1C
M0SCJ 51.26.41N 000.02.29WIO91XK 39.956km 247°WSW23:00:33ZAntenna testing - I want to live on a hill! Pls leave msg.(3M0SCJ-1)
2E0RGX 51.32.65N 000.05.34WIO91WN 40.355km 264°W22:57:52ZWind 017°/000kn, Böen bis 001kn, Temp 20.00c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 0.0mm, seit 0h 0.0mm, Baro 1022.6h, Hum: 46%(32E0RGX-13)
2E0UKL 51.36.01N 000.06.49WIO91WO 41.450km 273°W22:42:58Z440 MMDVM Voice 434.00000MHz +0.0000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(32E0UKL-D)
MB7RHA 51.56.97N 000.36.95EJO01HW 41.601km 12°NNE22:47:56ZAPRS-IS for Win32 - i-Gate for North Essex
G0MBA 51.28.79N 001.04.80EJO01ML 42.303km 106°ESE22:48:31Z440 MMDVM Voice 439.00000MHz +0.0000MHz, G0MBA_Pi-Star_ND(3G0MBA-N)
MB7UNW 51.26.05N 000.04.42WIO91XK 42.478km 247°WSW23:00:46ZWX3in1Plus2.0
M0IKO 51.23.57N 000.04.27WIO91XJ 44.327km 242°WSW22:53:46Z440 MMDVM Voice 438.21250MHz +0.0000MHz, M0IKO_Pi-Star_ND(3M0IKO-N)
M1CUY 51.53.45N 000.55.00EJO01LV 45.026km 40°NE22:47:57ZM1CUY RX iGate | jonathan@woode.net
G5EDW 51.49.11N 000.02.50WIO91XT 45.092km 306°NW22:45:16Z440 MMDVM Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz, G5EDW_Pi-Star_ND(3G5EDW-N)
MB7UBE 51.49.20N 001.01.54EJO01MT 45.263km 54°NE22:49:02ZMB7UBE iGate |Located in the only Cinque Port North of the Thames
MB7UH 51.54.52N 000.53.92EJO01KV 45.786km 38°NE23:01:32ZEmails to g0pkt@btconnect.com
M0HZQ 51.30.94N 000.09.88WIO91WM 45.969km 261°W22:43:48ZWind 000°/000kn, Böen bis 000kn, Temp 22.22c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 0.0mm, seit 0h 0.0mm, Baro 1026.2h, Hum: 34%(3M0HZQ-1)
M0PQA 51.26.87N 000.09.14WIO91WK 47.012km 252°WSW22:44:18Z440 MMDVM Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(3M0PQA-D)
440 MMDVM Voice 434.00000MHz +0.0000MHz, M0PQA_Pi-Star_ND(2M0PQA-N)
MB7UIK 51.10.08N 000.37.43EJO01HE 47.066km 169°S23:01:28ZWind 000°/000kn, Böen bis 000kn, Temp 15.00c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 0.0mm, seit 0h 0.0mm, Baro 1025.8h, Hum: 79%
M7CZF 51.27.50N 000.10.50WIO91VL 48.145km 253°WSW22:54:25Z]10w,ele30m,m7czf@hotmail.com
M6NCU 52.01.05N 000.34.03EJO02GA 48.569km N22:08:22ZColin Mobile(3M6NCU-9)
M7BFQ 51.21.90N 001.06.29EJO01NI 48.940km 119°ESE22:46:46Z440 Voice 433.97500MHz +0.0000MHz(3M7BFQ-B)
G6LTT 51.36.59N 000.13.16WIO91VO 49.169km 274°W22:48:09ZWind 022°/001kn, Böen bis 004kn, Temp 18.33c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 0.0mm, seit 0h 0.0mm, Baro 1010.7h, Hum: 49%(3G6LTT-13)
G6LTT-10 iGate | DireWolf 1.4 on RPi+RTL-SDR using QSO365 image(2G6LTT-10)
M0ZZM 51.17.20N 000.02.24WIO91XG 49.299km 228°SW23:00:40Z.FOSHKplugin-0.09-GW1100A_V2.1.7(3M0ZZM-13)
M0VVA 51.57.95N 000.07.51EJO01BX 49.420km 330°NNW22:30:16Z70cm QnetGateway-20520(3M0VVA-B)
M0BEH 51.22.09N 000.08.41WIO91WI 49.854km 242°WSW23:00:56ZUsing R820T DVB Dongle and SDR.

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