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APRS Uttlesford [JO02DB], 2 Stunde(n), M7IAS-N [22:13:10, 0s].
M7IAS 52.02.99N 000.15.60EJO02DB 0.800km 20°NNE20:03:14Z440 MMDVM Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz, M7IAS_Pi-Star_ND(3M7IAS-N)
M0HQE 52.00.00N 000.07.80EJO02BA 9.870km 241°WSW20:03:28Z440 Voice 434.30000MHz +0.0000MHz(3M0HQE-B)
M0VVA 51.57.95N 000.07.51EJO01BX 12.411km 226°SW19:57:30Z70cm QnetGateway-20520(3M0VVA-B)
F4WCW 52.09.18N 000.21.76EJO02ED 14.234km 31°NNE19:58:00Z440 Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz(3F4WCW-B)
G4WSZ 52.10.79N 000.13.08EJO02CE 15.425km 350°N20:02:19Z440 MMDVM Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(3G4WSZ-D)
GB7PI 52.00.58N 000.00.11EJO02AA 17.779km 258°WSW19:56:13Z440 Voice 439.9125 -9.00 MHz(3GB7PI-B)
GB7PT 52.00.58N 000.00.11WIO92XA 18.024km 258°WSW20:12:16Z440 MMDVM Voice 439.71250MHz -9.0000MHz, GB7PT_Pi-Star(3GB7PT-R)
GB7PX 52.00.59N 000.00.11WIO92XA 18.020km 258°WSW19:58:14Z440 Voice 430.77500MHz +9.0000MHz(3GB7PX-B)
440 MMDVM Voice 430.77500MHz +9.0000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(2GB7PX-D)
MB7UC 52.00.58N 000.00.11WIO92XA 18.031km 258°WSW20:06:19ZCambridgeshire Repeater Group digi at Barkway, ex-MB7UPI
M6UKW 52.12.59N 000.09.78EJO02BF 19.576km 341°NNW19:55:35Z440 MMDVM Voice 433.40000MHz +0.0000MHz, M6UKW_Pi-Star_ND(3M6UKW-N)
2m Voice 144.40000MHz +0.0000MHz(2M6UKW-C)
G6UQZ 52.04.73N 000.34.90EJO02GB 22.613km 80°E19:56:52ZAndy {UIV32N}
MB7UM 52.12.92N 000.02.22EJO02AF 24.284km 322°NW20:00:14ZAndy {UIV32N}
M6JLM 51.53.67N 000.32.18EJO01GV 25.337km 131°SE19:53:28Z440 MMDVM Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(3M6JLM-D)
2E0TKY 51.53.55N 000.33.29EJO01GV 26.451km 129°SE20:05:38Z440 Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz(32E0TKY-B)
440 MMDVM Voice 438.90000MHz +0.0000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(22E0TKY-D)
440 MMDVM Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz, 2E0TKY_Pi-Star_ND(22E0TKY-N)
MB7RHA 51.56.97N 000.36.95EJO01HW 26.745km 113°ESE20:12:11ZAPRS-IS for Win32 - i-Gate for North Essex
M6LUN 51.48.17N 000.24.62EJO01ET 28.728km 158°SSE20:08:18Z440 MMDVM Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(3M6LUN-D)
G0IQK 51.51.40N 000.33.89EJO01GU 29.641km 134°SE20:06:25ZUI-View32 V2.03 I I still the only ham in the village
G4OXY 52.05.01N 000.11.67WIO92VC 31.127km 278°W20:04:18Z440 Voice 434.95000MHz +0.0000MHz(3G4OXY-B)
G5EDW 51.49.11N 000.02.50WIO91XT 32.245km 219°SW20:12:02Z440 MMDVM Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz, G5EDW_Pi-Star_ND(3G5EDW-N)
M0PKG 52.01.41N 000.15.26WIO92UA 34.984km 267°W20:08:53Z440 Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz(3M0PKG-B)
M0PLT 52.04.66N 000.15.35WIO92UB 35.209km 276°W19:49:44ZA=000329/FTM-400-TinyTrak4-iGate
G0WJD 51.52.62N 000.41.63EJO01IV 35.232km 121°ESE19:55:40Z440 MMDVM Voice 434.80000MHz +4.0000MHz, G0WJD_Pi-Star_RPT(3G0WJD-R)
G8PJH 51.45.08N 000.28.19EJO01FS 35.614km 156°SSE20:10:01ZWX3in1Plus2.0 U=13.7V,T=??.?C/??.?F
2E0KGG 52.05.22N 000.15.83WIO92UC 35.872km 278°W20:08:48ZWX3in1Plus2.0 U=13.7V,T=??.?C/??.?F(32E0KGG-10)
G7MLO 52.12.27N 000.44.93EJO02IE 38.129km 62°ENE20:08:44Z440 MMDVM Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz, G7MLO_Pi-Star_ND(3G7MLO-N)
2E0HVQ 52.08.34N 000.17.42WIO92UD 38.819km 286°WNW20:08:09Z440 MMDVM Voice 434.00000MHz +0.0000MHz, 2E0HVQ_Pi-Star_ND(32E0HVQ-N)
2E0TAP 51.41.39N 000.06.59EJO01BQ 40.530km 194°SSW20:10:30Z440 Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz(32E0TAP-B)
440 MMDVM Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz, 2E0TAP_Pi-Star_ND(22E0TAP-N)
M5MOW 51.48.83N 000.12.27WIO91VT 40.594km 231°SW20:11:08ZM5MOW-11 iGate | DireWolf 1.4 on RPi+RTL-SDR using QSO365 image(3M5MOW-4)
2E1GRY 51.48.93N 000.12.51WIO91VT 40.683km 232°SW20:12:47ZHello 4.03V 29.1C X(32E1GRY-9)
MB7IWG 51.48.94N 000.12.55WIO91VT 40.695km 232°SW19:59:56Z145.287MHz T082 MB7IWG 825552
M1DYP 51.48.93N 000.12.59WIO91VT 40.752km 232°SW19:52:27Z440 MMDVM Voice 439.12500MHz +0.0000MHz, M1DYP_Pi-Star_ND(3M1DYP-N)
440 MMDVM Voice 434.00000MHz +0.0000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(2M1DYP-Y)
440 Voice 439.67500MHz +0.0000MHz(2M1DYP-B)
GB0SNB 51.40.31N 000.15.36EJO01DQ 41.273km 180°S19:24:01ZGB0SNB VHF OpenWebRX APRS RX - vhfsdr.gb0snb.com(3GB0SNB-1)
M0XDC 51.40.31N 000.18.37EJO01DQ 41.416km 175°S20:09:01ZWind 000°/000kn, Böen bis 000kn, Temp 17.22c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 0.0mm, seit 0h 0.0mm, Baro 1034.3h, Hum: 69%(3M0XDC-13)
Wind 000°/000kn, Böen bis 000kn, Temp 17.22c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 0.0mm, seit 0h 0.0mm, Baro 1034.3h, Hum: 69%(2M0XDC)
2E0SSX 51.47.21N 000.42.07EJO01IS 41.768km 133°SE19:55:56Z440 Voice 439.35000MHz +0.0000MHz(32E0SSX-B)
MB7UWM 51.47.20N 000.42.07EJO01IS 41.781km 133°SE20:01:35ZMB7UWM Great Totham {UIV32N}
G7SOQ 52.13.82N 000.16.92WIO92UF 42.215km 300°WNW19:54:08ZGreetings from Rick {UIV32N}
G0JIW 52.13.06N 000.17.89WIO92UF 42.521km 297°WNW20:01:04Z440 MMDVM Voice 434.00000MHz +0.0000MHz, G0JIW_Pi-Star(3G0JIW-N)
G8DZH 51.40.31N 000.05.95EJO01BQ 42.655km 195°SSW20:04:19Z440 MMDVM Voice 430.07500MHz +0.0000MHz, G8DZH_Pi-Star_ND(3G8DZH-N)
440 MMDVM Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(2G8DZH-D)
G8SEZ 52.06.24N 000.22.50WIO92TC 43.648km 279°W20:11:39ZSharkRF openSPOT2
440 Voice 432.66250MHz +0.0000MHz(2G8SEZ-B)
440 MMDVM Voice 432.63750MHz +0.0000MHz, G8SEZ_Pi-Star_ND(2G8SEZ-N)
G5DKT 52.14.30N 000.18.97WIO92UF 44.661km 299°WNW19:37:10ZG5DKTs iGate | DireWolf 1.7E on RPi+RTL-SDR | Operated by C.R.O.W.S | Contact g5dkt@outlook.com(3G5DKT-10)
440 MMDVM Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz, G5DKT_Pi-Star(2G5DKT-N)
G5DKT mobile(2G5DKT-9)
MB7RMS 51.39.47N 000.04.33EJO01AP 44.666km 196°SSW20:10:38ZHavocTechie Nodes - Managed by 2E0EMO
M0OEB 52.27.24N 000.17.80EJO02DK 45.752km N19:57:33Z440 MMDVM Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz, M0OEB_Pi-Star_ND(3M0OEB-N)
MB7UH 51.54.52N 000.53.92EJO01KV 46.490km 108°ESE20:10:21Zhttp://martellotowergroup.com
MB7UO 51.50.77N 000.20.99WIO91TU 46.936km 242°WSW20:12:24ZMB7UO - VARC CABIN - Contact aprs@m7smi.ovh
M1CUY 51.53.45N 000.55.00EJO01LV 48.322km 110°ESE20:05:29ZM1CUY RX iGate | jonathan@woode.net
2E0HSV 51.53.12N 000.24.62WIO91TV 48.908km 249°WSW19:58:38Zaprs.fi for iOS(32E0HSV-4)
M0IPU 51.37.63N 000.01.21EJO01AP 48.991km 199°SSW20:04:50Z144.8MHz CHING (M0IPU-2) node, BBS, RMS etc.(3M0IPU-2)
(V)HF Digi/iGate(2M0IPU-3)
EGUW 52.07.00N 000.58.00EJO02LC 49.238km 80°E19:53:11ZWind 320°/009kn, Böen bis 000kn, Temp 16.67c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 0.0mm, seit 0h 0.0mm, Baro 1022.0h, Hum: 72%

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