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APRS JO01PL, 0 Stunde(n), M6TET-B [09:35:45, 0s].
MB7VB 51.22.86N 001.24.28EJO01QJ 12.142km 143°SE07:33:42ZDigipeater for the Isle of Thanet and beyond 144.800mhz : www.trig.org.uk
GB7IC 51.21.72N 001.08.88EJO01NI 15.857km 222°SW07:29:39Z2m Voice 145.6625 -0.600 MHz(3GB7IC-C)
440 Voice 439.450 -9.00 MHz(2GB7IC-B)
1.2 Voice 1290.650 -20 MHz(2GB7IC-A)
M7BFQ 51.21.90N 001.06.29EJO01NI 17.759km 230°SW07:33:08Z440 Voice 433.97500MHz +0.0000MHz(3M7BFQ-B)
2E0SOH 51.18.49N 001.21.50EJO01QH 18.268km 167°SSE06:50:20Z`_1(32E0SOH-9)
M0WNA 51.15.00N 001.10.79EJO01OG 25.688km 199°SSW07:00:49Z440 Voice 440.00000MHz +0.0000MHz(3M0WNA-B)
G4VXB 51.18.96N 000.53.21EJO01KH 33.295km 240°WSW07:17:58ZopenSPOT 439.0000/439.0000 CC1
2E0NNG 51.47.36N 001.09.18EJO01NS 37.095km 344°NNW07:21:59Z440 MMDVM Voice 438.17500MHz +0.0000MHz, 2E0NNG_Pi-Star_ND(32E0NNG-N)
G0SMJ 51.47.96N 001.10.93EJO01OT 37.660km 348°NNW07:34:40Z440 MMDVM Voice 438.85000MHz +0.0000MHz, G0SMJ_Pi-Star_ND(3G0SMJ-N)
440 Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz(2G0SMJ-B)
GB7TE 51.48.53N 001.12.91EJO01OT 38.298km 351°N07:30:34Z2m Voice 145.775 -0.600 MHz(3GB7TE-C)
MB7UA 51.48.20N 001.09.77EJO01NT 38.403km 346°NNW07:27:35Zhttp://martellotowergroup.com
M7RWA 51.32.13N 000.44.00EJO01IM 39.920km 281°W07:35:23Z440 MMDVM Voice 438.50000MHz +0.0000MHz(3M7RWA-D)
M7IWW 51.49.77N 001.14.63EJO01OT 40.314km 355°N07:23:39Z440 MMDVM Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz, M7IWW_Pi-Star_ND(3M7IWW-N)
M1HVJ 51.33.21N 000.43.70EJO01IN 40.671km 284°WNW07:16:52Z440 Voice 439.00000MHz +0.0000MHz(3M1HVJ-B)
GB7FK 51.06.19N 001.12.85EJO01OC 41.040km 188°S07:34:42Z440 Voice 439.675 -9.00 MHz(3GB7FK-B)
M0SCE 51.32.69N 000.41.88EJO01IN 42.512km 282°WNW07:30:23Z440 MMDVM Voice 434.00000MHz +0.0000MHz, M0SCE_Pi-Star(3M0SCE-N)
MB7UBE 51.49.20N 001.01.54EJO01MT 43.431km 334°NNW07:32:38ZMB7UBE iGate |Located in the only Cinque Port North of the Thames
G8UUG 51.09.59N 000.54.00EJO01KD 44.153km 219°SW07:24:16Z440 Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz(3G8UUG-B)
M0PSX 51.33.02N 000.40.38EJO01IN 44.327km 282°WNW07:30:15ZWind 270°/000kn, Böen bis 001kn, Temp 11.67c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 0.3mm, seit 0h 0.3mm, Baro 1099.5h, Hum: 98%
MB7UF 51.04.56N 001.09.92EJO01NB 44.638km 192°SSW07:26:48ZFolkestone APRS Digi
M0WHU 51.34.29N 000.40.09EJO01IN 45.183km 285°WNW07:25:04Z440 MMDVM Voice 438.85000MHz +0.0000MHz, M0WHU_Pi-Star_ND(3M0WHU-N)
MB7USB 51.08.41N 000.54.32EJO01KD 45.653km 217°SW07:28:15ZWX3in1Plus2.0 U=12.6Colins APRS Station
M1CMN 51.04.29N 001.07.73EJO01NB 45.704km 195°SSW07:33:11Zhttps://aprsdroid.org/(3M1CMN-5)
` Matt Mobile_%(2M1CMN-9)
G4UKO 51.08.40N 000.52.50EJO01KD 46.979km 219°SW07:32:34Z440 MMDVM Voice 434.40000MHz +0.0000MHz, G4UKO_Pi-Star_ND(3G4UKO-N)

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