36.50.82S 174.54.08E
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APRS Waiheke [RF73KD], 0 Stunde(n), IRLP6606 [04:24:48, 0s].
IRLP6606 36.50.82S 174.54.08ERF73KD 0.629km 174°S02:21:09Z
ZL1ZLD 36.50.83S 174.54.08ERF73KD 0.648km 174°S02:20:45ZMusick Point Memorial Radio Station {UIV32}
440 Voice 439.575 -5.00 MHz(2ZL1ZLD-B)
1.2 Voice 1293.625 -20 MHz(2ZL1ZLD-A)
ZL1SWW 36.50.99S 174.52.37ERF73KD 2.640km 250°WSW02:20:01ZNO FIX 14.2V 24C Opentracker Simon Mobile Holden147.550(3ZL1SWW-9)
440 Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz(2ZL1SWW-B)
IRLP6611 36.53.85S 174.54.75ERF73KC 6.311km 170°S02:16:00ZJul 29 2021 11:07:31 +1200 Node Connected to reflector IRLP9050 on channel 0
ZL1TGS 36.54.66S 174.54.35ERF73KC 7.736km 177°S02:17:27Z440 Voice 432.71250MHz +0.0000MHz(3ZL1TGS-B)
ZL1BIV 36.52.94S 174.59.25ERF73LC 8.960km 120°ESE02:07:11Z440 Voice 434.60000MHz +0.0000MHz(3ZL1BIV-B)
ZL1VFO 36.55.66S 174.50.42ERF73KB 10.988km 209°SSW01:51:20Z147.550MHz QSO PHG3036 {UIV32}
147.550MHz {UIV32}(2ZL1VFO-2)
- iGateMini
12.6V 14C HDOP02.0 SATS06(2ZL1VFO-9)
ZL1NL 36.50.69S 174.45.94ERF73JD 12.029km 268°W02:16:45ZCBD(3ZL1NL-3)
ZL1UHF 36.56.96S 175.00.88ERF73MB 15.689km 140°SE02:15:55Z13.5V 13C Auckland Area Digipeater, 144.575MHz.(3ZL1UHF-2)
ZL1RIC 37.04.19S 174.55.76ERF72LW 25.510km 174°S02:07:51Z440 Voice 431.07500MHz +0.0000MHz(3ZL1RIC-B)
ZL1RJS 37.04.26S 174.57.25ERF72LW 25.948km 169°S02:14:55ZAllStar Node 45481(3ZL1RJS-8)
ZL1GW 36.36.53S 174.47.22ERF73JJ 27.787km 339°NNW02:12:43Z440 Voice 432.76250MHz +0.0000MHz(3ZL1GW-B)
ZL1RAH 37.06.13S 174.56.64ERF72LV 29.231km 172°S02:19:09ZAllStar Node 49801(3ZL1RAH-8)
ZL1AOX 37.06.08S 175.00.33ERF72MV 30.344km 162°SSE02:20:07ZDSL-502T IGate OpenWRT APRSD
IRLP6950 36.55.44S 174.33.21ERF73GB 32.208km 253°WSW02:18:23ZAug 01 2021 10:06:55 +1200 IRLP5100 disconnect
ZL1TZP 37.12.60S 174.54.00ERF72KS 40.965km 180°S02:06:02Z440 MMDVM Voice 432.17500MHz +0.0000MHz, ZL1TZP_Pi-Star(3ZL1TZP-N)
440 Voice 432.17500MHz +0.0000MHz(2ZL1TZP-C)
ZL1RDK 36.40.79S 174.26.99ERF73FH 43.985km 294°WNW02:12:08ZYaesu DMO with EA7EE Sofware
RNG0001 440 Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz(2ZL1RDK-B) 5.0.011w DL3EL © 2006-2021 [628497]