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APRS LL75NC, 0 Stunde(n), A65B-B [04:43:17, 0s].
A65B 25.05.12N 055.08.94ELL75NC 0.654km 82°E02:32:03Z440 Voice 434.75000MHz -2.0000MHz(3A65B-B)
A65GA 25.11.43N 055.16.85ELL75PE 18.233km 50°NE02:41:08ZDowntown DXB Digipeater/ iGate
A67GK 24.57.15N 055.23.49ELL74QW 29.059km 120°ESE02:24:14ZJumeirah / I-GATE / 144.800Mhz / Power 80W / Antenna DIAMOND X700HN HAAT 50 FT Gain 9.3 DBi(3A67GK-10)
DigiP+WX/Temp=27.0C/Volt=14.1V/Near EMIRATES Rugby 7 Stadium/WX3in1-P2(2A67GK-13)
A65FH 24.50.57N 055.01.31ELL74MU 29.482km 204°SSW02:00:09Z[FX.25]Al Ghadeer digipeater and iGate(3A65FH-10)
openSPOT 436.0000/436.0000 CC1(2A65FH)
A62A 25.15.88N 055.34.60ELL75SG 48.035km 65°ENE02:41:19Z2m Voice 145.78750MHz -1.0000MHz(3A62A-C)
2m MMDVM Voice 145.78750MHz -1.0000MHz, A62A_Pi-Star(2A62A-R)
A65GJ 25.25.12N 055.27.15ELL75RK 48.489km 40°NE02:34:01Z145.525MHz Toff -000 N30k W30k | Andre in Ajman | working, resting or maybe QRV
This iGate is in test mode and will forward only A65GJ for a while(2A65GJ-10)

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