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APRS IO75XS, 0 Stunde(n), 2M0VLF-D [05:05:29, 0s].
2M0VLF 55.45.77N 004.03.24WIO75XS 0.598km 350°N04:03:46Z440 MMDVM Voice 439.20000MHz -9.0000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(32M0VLF-D)
MM0XXP 55.43.96N 003.58.32WIO85AR 5.741km 119°ESE03:56:29Z440 MMDVM Voice 433.10000MHz +0.0000MHz, MM0XXP_Pi-Star(3MM0XXP-N)
MM7BBG 55.48.58N 004.08.08WIO75WT 7.749km 318°NW03:49:39ZPowered by W0CHP-PiStar-Dash (https://wpsd.w0chp.net)(3MM7BBG-D)
MB7UAH 55.44.99N 004.13.83WIO75VR 11.177km 266°W04:02:37ZRaspi i-Gate contact GM7GDE
MB7UCM 55.54.66N 004.11.78WIO75VV 19.284km 332°NNW03:59:56ZSysop: MM1PTT - Chris
GB7AY 55.40.24N 004.23.70WIO75TQ 23.547km 246°WSW03:53:58Z440 Voice 439.45000MHz -9.0000MHz(3GB7AY-B)
EGPF 55.52.00N 004.26.00WIO75SU 26.704km 297°WNW04:02:05ZWind 040°/008kn, Böen bis 000kn, Temp 3.89c, Regen 0.0mm, letzte 24h 0.0mm, seit 0h 0.0mm, Baro 1001.0h, Hum: 93%
MB7VN 55.59.86N 004.02.21WIO75XX 26.715km N04:00:28Zwww.csfmg.com
GM0DXI 55.37.58N 003.37.88WIO85EP 30.158km 119°ESE03:54:09Zaprs.fi for iOS(3GM0DXI-9)
440 Voice 430.20000MHz +0.0000MHz(2GM0DXI-E)
MM3GBL 55.53.70N 003.32.60WIO85FV 35.265km 64°ENE03:47:50Z440 MMDVM Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz, MM3GBL_Pi-Star_ND(3MM3GBL-N)
MM0GHM 55.30.46N 003.41.70WIO85DM 35.704km 141°SE03:51:32Z145.500MHz(3MM0GHM-3)
GM0RAY 55.56.50N 004.32.59WIO75RW 36.830km 304°NW03:34:53Z145.500MHz
MB7ASC 56.05.37N 003.55.56WIO86AC 37.717km 12°NNE04:02:01ZAnalogue Simplex Gateway - Frequency: 70.3875Mhz CTCSS: 103.5Hz. Connected to the FreeSTAR Network.. See www.gm0wur.radio for details. Other Stations MB7ISC-2 MB7ISC-6 MB7ASC-4 MB7ASC-70(3MB7ASC-4)
MB7ISC 56.05.37N 003.55.56WIO86AC 37.717km 12°NNE04:02:11ZAnalogue Simplex Gateway - Frequency: 145.2875Mhz CTCSS: 103.5Hz. Connected to the FreeSTAR Network.. See www.gm0wur.radio for details. Other Stations MB7ISC-2 MB7ISC-6 MB7ASC-4 MB7ASC-70(3MB7ISC-2)
MB7UD 55.58.31N 004.33.16WIO75RX 39.253km 308°NW04:03:19ZMB7UD>BEACON,qAR,GM0RAY:G&C RAYNET APRS Digi MB7UD
GM6NX 56.06.44N 003.50.76WIO86BC 40.942km 18°NNE04:01:43ZGM6NX-1 iGate | DireWolf 1.3 on RPi+RTL-SDR(3GM6NX-1)
MM7GTY 55.57.74N 003.27.67WIO85GX 43.332km 58°ENE03:47:07Z440 MMDVM Voice 438.80000MHz +0.0000MHz, APRS for DMRGateway(3MM7GTY-D)
GM1FNX 55.21.59N 004.09.00WIO75WI 44.639km 188°S03:53:10Z2m Voice 144.83750MHz +0.0000MHz(3GM1FNX-C)
MM7RGM 55.38.40N 004.45.07WIO75OP 45.704km 254°WSW03:59:55Z440 MMDVM Voice 433.95000MHz +0.0000MHz, MM7RGM_Pi-Star_ND(3MM7RGM-N)
GM0CNB 55.59.14N 003.24.95WIO85HX 47.115km 57°ENE04:00:29ZIGATE By AVRT7(3GM0CNB-10)

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